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Although liturgical tradition in Reformed churches is a frequently probed subject, information in certain aspects of the field is limited. To alleviate this situation, Dr. Hageman places major emphasis in this book on some lesser known areas of Reformed worship. At the same time he touches on highlights of Reformed liturgical history, particularly the relative significance of sermon and sacrament.
The importance of Zurich's contribution to Reformed tradition is comparatively unrecognized. As Dr. Hageman states, Know it or not, down to relatively recent times the Reformed churches have, practically speaking, acknowledged Zwingli as their liturgical master. This he attributes in part to the fact that when Calvin came to Geneva five years after Zwingli's death, he found the Zurich point of view too firmly entrenched there to be materially changed.
Additional territory unfolds with an examination of the dark age of Reformed Protestantism - the period between the closing of the Westminster Assembly of Divines and the advent of Schleiermacher. An impartial observer surveying the liturgical life of late eighteenth century Reformed churches could have justifiably concluded that it was nearly finished. Pointing out that signs of recovery were already visible, the author notes that these churches were on the verge of a liturgical development that was to prove more productive than any in their history.
Dr. Hageman concludes with a discussion of theories which should undergird and test any liturgical developments in Reformed churches. A primary factor here is the principle that pulpit and table are inseparable parts of a single whole. He emphasizes, however, that if the Reformed churches really understand their position, they have every reason for being liturgically fresh and creative. Their liturgy must seek to establish models, not rigid requirements.
Concise yet comprehensive, this treatment of liturgical history is valuable for pastors and students of church history. Concerned laymen, including organists, choir directors, and choir members, will find it a useful aid in understanding worship patterns of Reformed churches.



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