Rebuilding the Church on a New Foundation
240 Pages

Rebuilding the Church on a New Foundation


240 Pages


Vast changes are sweeping over society. We relate to one another in ways unheard of a generation ago, and the church too must change if it is going to continue to serve. We are not the same people for whom Victorian churches were designed, yet that is the way most present-day churches are configured. No wonder we are in trouble. We need to go back to our first-century roots and from there to be born anew. Rebuilding the Church on a New Foundation responds to this need by offering guidance to a congregation that wishes
-to enhance the worship of the church,
-to re-focus its worship space,
-to serve its community, and
-to welcome the stranger.
Here is an exciting and engaging journey, one that will give the church the potential to survive into the next century.



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Published 09 January 2020
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Rebuilding the Church
Rebuilding theChurch on a new foundation
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