Refined by Fire
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Refined by Fire



From time immemorial, in every age, a set of questions has persisted, perplexing human beings. Does God exist? Where did the universe come from? Is there any purpose to our lives? Why is there so much suffering? Do we live on after death? How can we find release from suffering and sadness? For what can we hope? These have been called life's "big questions"; they are the ones that never go away. It is the main business of religion to answer ultimate questions. To accomplish this task, every generation of believers benefits by reexamining its theology, thereby providing society with vision. A stagnant theology reflects a religion that is limited in usefulness and effectiveness.
Refined by Fire is written for those who affirm the value of lifelong spiritual growth, realize the limits of logic, and embrace the paradoxes in life. This guide provides a mechanism for individuals and small groups to interact with timely theological topics such as the nature of God, Christ, Scripture, truth, faith, evil, sin, salvation, heaven, hell, creation and evolution, the role of the church, and the future of the human race.
Each session (chapter) follows a threefold pattern: (a) "Getting Started" provides an initial assignment; (b) "Gaining Momentum," the central part of the text, provides perspective; and (c) "Going Deeper" provides questions for discussion or further reflection.



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Published 14 August 2018
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