Sexual Offending and Restoration
254 Pages

Sexual Offending and Restoration


254 Pages


Mark Yantzi provides new methods for dealing with the pervasive problem of sexual abuse. He shows caring ways to confront and support those who have offended. He also calls for understanding and compassion toward those victimized by sexual wrongdoing.
Yantzi's unique approach is illustrated through case examples and candid dialogue by a group of victims and those who have offended. Readers hear authentic voices and share in the process toward healing. The book honors the words of victims, offenders, their families, and communities.



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Published 01 September 2009
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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Sexual Offending and Restoration By Yantzi, Mark Copyright©1998 by Yantzi, Mark ISBN 13: 978-1-60608-697-1 Publication date 9/8/2009 Previously published by Herald Press, 1998
Series Foreword
he pHrase “restorative justice” was unknown before tHe 1970’s. Forty years later restorative justice is a vast international movement: nearly a million pages on tHe Internet refer to it; Google ScHolar lists 16,600 books and essays on restorative justice; many states around tHe world Have written it into law; and more important, Hundreds of tHousands of people and communities Have Had tHeir fear and sHame transformed by encounters witH and tHe efforts of tHose practicing restorative justice. Along tHe way, wHile Having intentions to repair Harm, restorative justice initiatives Have also added to Harm. he growtH of tHis mass movement is not witHout missteps and failures, some very painful. If tHis movement is to be advanced wisely into tHe future, its advocates need to remember botH fruitful attempts and painful ones. he Restorative Justice Classics Series is an attempt to Help create foundations and sHare memories for tHose interested in restorative justice. In a movement tHat grows and cHanges so incredibly fast and in so many diverse places, tHis book
series creates space for cultivating restorative-justice memory. Amidst tHe frenzy of work, growtH, and missteps, tHis book series represents a commitment to bring back into print tHose restorative-justice books and articles tHat could be considered classic. he label “classic” is used Here loosely to refer to books tHat Have sHaped tHe restorative-justice movement and wHose writing continues to be wortH remembering, wortH sHaring, and wortH reconsidering amidst tHe cHanging scene. In most cases tHere is still a need for tHe content and, tHus, a continuing demand for tHe books. Books are cHosen in tHis series because tHey will be of spe-cial ongoing value to practitioners and scHolars of restorative justice. Wipf and Stock PublisHers, at tHe instigation of series editor Ted Lewis, Has set up tHe series in sucH a way tHat tHe books will stay in print and remain available. Anyone wanting to understand tHe origins, History, diverse practices, and spirit of restorative justice will find tHe series particularly Helpful.
Jarem Sawatsky, Series Consultant Canadian Mennonite University Winnipeg, Manitoba April 2009
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