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Soulprints, like fingerprints are unique to each person and invisible to the naked eye. When dusted with the whisper of words, soulprints, like fingerprints, can be transferred as images, leaving traces of the self for others to discover if they wish. This slice of my soul is cut straight through the center. If these pages are a pilgrimage, it is not from then to now but from fear to faith, from no to yes and from me to you!



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Published 20 May 2011
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he Ray S. Anderson CollecIon
Ray Serman Anderson (1925–2009) worked e soIl and ended e anImals o a Sou Dakoa arm, planed and pasored a curc In Souern CalIornIa, and compleed a PD degree In eology wI homas F. Torrance In New College EdInburg. He began Is pro-essIonal eacIng career a Wesmon College, and en aug and served In varIous admInIsraIve capacIIes a Fuller heologIcal SemI-nary or Iry-ree years (reIrIng as Proessor EmerIus o heology and MInIsry). WIle eacIng a Fuller, e served as a parIs pasor, always InsIsIng a eology and mInIsry go and-In-and.  he pasoral eologIan wo began Is eacIng career In mIddle age penned weny-seven books. LIke Karl Bar, Pro. Anderson ar-Iculaed a eology o and or e curc based on God’s own mInIsry o revelaIon and reconcIlIaIon In e world. As proessor and pas-or, e modeled an IncarnaIonal, evangelIcal passIon or e ealIng o umanIy by Jesus CrIs, wo IsbotGod’s sel-revelaIon o usande reconcIlIaIon o our broken umanIy o e rIune God. HIs gIt o relaIng suferIng and alIenaed umans o CrIs exIsIng as com-munIy (DIerIc Bonoefer) Is a recurren moI rougou Is lIe, mInIsry, and works. heRay S. Anderson Collectîonbooks by Ray Ander- comprIses son, an Inroducory ex o Is eology by CrIsIan D. Keler, wo edIed volumes a celebrae Is dIsInguIsed academIc career (Incar-natîonal Mînîstry: he Presence of Crîst în Curc, Socîety, and FamîlyandOn Beîng Crîstîan . . . and Human), and a reprIn o an EdIica-Ion volume a ocuses on Ray Anderson’s conrIbuIons o e ield o CrIsIan Psycology. A word o graIude Is due o he SocIey o CrIsIan Psycology and Is paren organIzaIon, he AmerIcan As-socIaIon or CrIsIan Counselors, or eIr permIssIon o make e EdîicatîonIssue avaIlable In book orm. JIm TedrIck o WIp and Sock PublIsers deserves a specIal word o anks or publIsIng many o Ray Anderson’s books and commIssIonIng Is collecIon o works o conInue Is legacy.
Todd H. SpeIdell, General EdIor
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