Storms Are Faith’s Workout
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Storms Are Faith’s Workout



Are you struggling with the storms of this life? Do you feel overwhelmed with the constant onslaught? This book is your help to withstand the ambushes of an enemy that wants you to give up your faith. At seventy-one years of age, my life has endured the onslaught of many storms (trials of my faith), and through them I have gained insight as to how to overcome.
This book uses scriptural and personal examples. I use a sound biblical foundation to build the chapters. Only the word of God can teach the truth that is needed in this trying and overwhelming time that we live in.
The faith of many Christians is being attacked, and they do not know how to rise above. This book is compiled as a result of enduring the attacks that have been directed at me by a cunning and crafty enemy. It is through the storms assailed against me that I have learned how to surmount the ambushes. It is my prayer that my years of endurance will teach others how to do likewise. It will take an effort on their part to read the book to the end, but they should come away with an understanding of God's love, with the knowledge of how to overcome the storms, and how to be standing when the storm has ceased.



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Published 04 October 2018
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