Taking on the Gods
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Taking on the Gods


160 Pages


Taking on the Gods explores a clinical theological approach to the treatment of individuals, couples, and families suffering from neurotic styles of life. Merle Jordan exposes the origins of neuroses in idolatry: the substitution of false psychological gods for the true God as the center of ultimate reality. In attempting to earn the approval of these false gods and to escape their harsh judgment, one enters into a second idolatry: becoming one's own Messiah, parts of the self are sacrificed to placate the false gods. The resulting personality distortions are the source of many emotional difficulties.
Jordan discusses not only the role of pastoral counselors in helping clients confront their idols, but also the counselors responsibility to recognize their own false gods. Topics covered include: Pastoral Counseling as the Encounter Between Gods, The Implicit Religious Drama in Marital and Family Counseling, The Operational Theology of the "Common Cold" - Depression, and Self-justification Versus Justification by Faith Through Grace.
According to Jordan, helping people to 'take on their gods," to free themselves to experience the loving God, is the heart of the pastoral counselor's task.



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Published 13 November 2001
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