Teaching That Transforms
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Teaching That Transforms


256 Pages


This is an important book! With a generous spirit and discerning eye, Murphy unmasks the ways in which the biblical and theological context of Christian education has been co-opted, on the one hand, by a focus on learning experiences and, on the other hand, by modernity's understanding of what it means to be human. She summons Christian education back to its integral relationship with Christian worship, drawing it out of the church basement and into the sanctuary where Christian persons and communities are most regularly formed and where the content of Christian formation -- Bible and Theology -- are 'practiced' by the church. Murphy's critique of contemporary religious education theory is provocative; her interpretation of the 'lessons' of the liturgy are prophetic. I will be recommending it to my colleagues in Christian education and liturgical studies alike.
-- E. Byron Anderson, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
Few tasks facing the contemporary church are more urgent than coming to an understanding of the critical importance of Christian formation. Yet as Debra Dean Murphy demonstrates so ably in these pages, this task is too often undermined by the alien assumptions that reside at the core of the 'religious education establishment. Murphy's penetrating analysis and profound proposals will be welcomed by anyone who had ever longed for a theory and practice of Christian education that would flow out of and do justice to the deep and abiding mysteries at the heart of Christian worship.
-- Philip D. Kenneson, author of Life on the Vine



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