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Tell It Often - Tell It Well


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Jesus Christ offers His love and forgiveness to a lost and hurting world. This is the most important message your family, friends, and neighbors will ever hear. If the church is to succeed in its evangelistic mission, the good news of the gospel must be boldly, clearly, and sensitively communicated so that as many as possible might listen, and all those who listen may truly understand and experience the transforming power of God's grace. Followers of the risen, reigning and returning Christ need to tell the good news often, and tell it well.
If you want your life to count toward bringing others to the Savior; if you want to recommend Jesus to all who will listen, this book is written for you. God is ready, willing, and more than able to use you right where you are. No matter your personality type, spiritual giftedness, or circumstances, you can play a vital role in helping the love and forgiveness of Christ become a reality in the lives of your family, friends, neighbors, and indeed anyone ready to listen.



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