The Canada Crisis
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The Canada Crisis



"In this book Douglas Hall presents the outline of a Canadian theology. . . . People hope that things will get better and better. . . . Douglas Hall contrasts this cultural optimism with Christian hope. . . . He argues that the divine promises do not assure us of progress in history; what they offer us instead is a qualitative transformation of society . . . hope for Canada."
--Gregory Baum



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Published 12 February 2019
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The Canada Crisis The
A Christian Perspective
Douglas Hall
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The Canada Crisis
A Christian Perspective
By Hall, Douglas John
Copyright©1980 by Hall, Douglas John
ISBN 13: 978-1-5326-7452-5
Publication date 2/1/2019
Previously published by Anglican Book Centre, 1980 for
Kate, Christopher, Sara, and Lucy,
and the ''new breed of anglophone
Canadians'' among their generation Contents
Foreword to the 2019 Reprint Edition — Michael Wagenman, PhD 3
Foreword - Gregory Baum 9
Preface 15
Introduction 17
Turning Point 17, Who Cares? 19
Why Should Christians Care? 22, Our Agenda 28
1 Canada Come of Age? 33
Strong Language! 33, Canada, the Exception 37
But Now ... 40, On Getting Used to the Dark 43
2 Sin and Hope - and their Strange Connection 47
The Connection 47, Sin is Unlove 50
Sin is Distrust 52, Sin is Despair 54
3 Despair, Canadian Style 58
The Differing Faces of Despair 58
Covert Despair 61, Despair as Forgetfulness 63
A Wintertime People with a Summertime Fantasy 66
4 The Nature and Test of Authentic Hope 71
"Hoped For ... Not Seen" 71
The Litmus Test of Hope 74
The Advantages of Winter 77 5 Intimations of Hope in Canadian Society 81
fe me souviens! 81, Protest, Resistance, Search 85
Where are the Midwives? 91
6 The Crisis and The Churches 93
"God Moves in a Mysterious Way ... " 93
Discipleship as Midwifery 96, Barriers to Obedience 98
7 The Pursuit of the Possible 103
Semper Reformanda 103
Possibilities for the Church in Canada 105
Companions in the Night 113
Conclusion The Cross in Canada 117
Notes 119 Forward to th2e 019 Reprint Edition
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have reached the world stage. On the one hand, there is a segment lmaive reiE!clmedl the Wl[))dd[ §tatgeo Ollll time l[))lllle hmdl, there fa at §egmellllt
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lllll[))rth l[))f thirty~§evellll mmnl[))llll, llllilllt §l[))methnJIBg hat§ §hHltedl fmm the north of thirty-seven million. But something has shifed from the
ppl[))RntkffiR olitical ti[)) to the thper§l[))JIBatl e person AJIBdl al. A yet nd eveJIB yet etlml[))Mglm ven ththere ough hatve ther lbeeJIB e have been FFOIR.W.IUEUJJ orward t TO o the 2019 RTIHIE 2@Jl§l! REPIR.INT eprint E EDITION dition 55i
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a8ill're re pprercrei:vredl erceive:at§ d a nclQlmt s ico mdl n afofill nd f ( tiffikre oil (t yrnu ake ypnclk) our p IQlf ictlhtre k) o i'iii8\llltllre f thmt:atUIQlmt:atli e same national
cC1\Jllit11Jlrru ulturaimpwislre:§l l impulses o(Qlf lht(Qlpre f homdl pe a cdlreislp:aiir, nd despThre!iire air. TC1\Jlrrremtt§ ese cur mmt rencdlrerep ts run deimt ep in
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S§IQI o w wlhtfillre hile t ilire he p]Plill!iilht ush amdl nplilllili d puIQlf ll o lhtlQlpre f homdl pe adlre!iip:alir nd despmmtUmtlillre air continue
acr:ffiCirlQI§§ oss ttlhtre he CCam:aicdlim anadiaCIQlmt§dlQl1\Jl§mtf§§ n consciousn ( ilire ess (tndlremttlJmciffitlllQlmt he identifc (Qlf atwlhti.clht ion of which
ggive§ ives H Hm'!ii all’s wwlQlrlk ork iiit:'ii ts oIQlmtglQlimtg ngoin CIQlmtitremplQlrmreify g contemporanfor eitCmZLdliZLmtisl), y for Canadiwre ans), we
migmi.glhtit ht wWIQlmtdlrer onder wwlht:aiit ha!iipredficruliy t specifca ihtiffi§ lly h clhtmgredl as chan§IQldlQI-C11Jllitmrmy ged urally in
tilire he “"tmre true nmtlQlrili, ort i'iitmmtg h, stromcdl ng afrrere'' nd f i'iinmtcre ree” sinTe ce Ca1J1Jada CanadaCr1&1§ Crisi wasWiffi§ s frfirnt st
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titlQI o ddlZLwmt awn in tnmt ilire hi'iimreremtitlht e sixteencremtrury th centmdl ury aihtZL!ii nCIQlmre d has coitlQI pmlilldl me to pglilQlry roud gimt lory in
tilire he211ouit st cencremtit11Jlry turiffi§ y a ilire s tre:3itZL!blifalhtmremtt he establishm IQlf en '"'A t o §rec11Jlfar f “A Secular AAmnncdl ge.” Around
fve hundred years ago in Europe, it was nearly impossinbotle t o five iht11Jlmtdlrrecdl yre8ill'i'ii ZLglQI imt lElillmpre, it Wiffi§ mtreZLdy implOl!l!iiilblire itlOJ 1J1J@t
lbdirevre believe in GCOJdl; od; titCOJcdlZLy odau y i fa t imtreZLdy s neai.mplQl!ii§J.iblire rly impossitot@ b blbdi.revre le elieve in GCOJdlo od.
BBlillt, ut, in p8ill'ticw8ill', articula it r, ifa t is Tayi.cdlremttificZLUCOJmt lor’s identifc COJf ailire tion o"Agre f t COJf he “Age of
AA11Jlitlhtremttk:ify" uthenticity” amdl niit:'ii d i cCOJmtcCOJmitmit ts concomic11Jllit11Jlrru tant cupCOJli8l!ffa:ZLitiCOJmt§ ltural polariliZLit izatihtZLvre ions that have
marred our common cultural landscape and ushered in a n - ew dym:airrredl (0)1\Jllr CCOJmmCOJmt C11Jllit11Jlirru limdl!iiCiffi]Pf mdl 1\Jl§ihtrerredl in iffi mtrew dly­
nmti8\llltlli.c amic tCOJ to ilire th ihtCOJpre e hopiffimtdl e andlre!iip:alir d desp wre air freren we tCOJcdlZLy feel timt odCm;mdlZLo ay in Climt anilire ada. In the “Age
oCOJf f Alilliliremtitidfy," AuthenticitreZLclht y,” eacprernCOJmt h perii'ii solbreliirevrecdl n is belieitCOJ veihtZLvre d to m haimtlhtrerremtt ve an in mcdl herent and
inimt;mliiremtZL!blire alienable rri.glhtt ightCOJ t t cdlrelmmtre o defn for e f iliremislrellvrei'ii or themswlhtZLit elves wiit mrem:'ii hat it mtCOJ lbre eaniht11Jl s t- o be hu
mmmo an. WWhZLt hat titlhti.§ hi mre;mmt§ s meani§ s iiliZLit s thwlhti.llre at wCOJlldlrer hile o gremtrerZLtiCOJmt§ lder genera §rerelk tiowlhtiffit ns se1.§ ek what is
ttmre, rueyo111mgrer , younger ggremtrerZLiti.COJmt§ eneratiotCOJcdlZLy ns toZLrre da:'iire8l!fclhtimtg y are searfor chinwlhtZLt g fi.!ii or w"tmre ha for t is “true for
mme::' e.” A hA lhtruf alf cencremtrury tur ZLgCOJ, y agtlhtre o, t Ciffimtiffidlim he CanadiCCOJmt§dCOJ11Jl§mtf§§ an consciouWiffi§ snesgre8l!frecdl s was geared
titlQIW:atrdl oward am n extre:dremru, ernaCOJibjrectivre l, objectgCOJru ive g (2ltitclhti.mtg oal (stitiffi chinmtiffiitli(Qlmt g a n itCOJgretlhtrer)o ation together).
Today, a growing segment of the younger population is seeking TCOJdlZLy, iffi gmwimtg i'iiregmremtt COJf tlhtre fCOJlillmtgrer pCOJpwZLtiCOJmt ii'ii !lrerelki.mtg
am n ini.mtitremru, terna!ii11Jlibjrectivre l, subjectigCOJru ve go( rexprre!ii!iiliCOJmt!ii al (expressioCOJf nprer!iiCOJmtiffili s of per a1uiliremtitidfy)" sonal authenticity).
AAm:ll nd b lbrecZL1\Jli'iire ecause tilire hv8ill'i.:ailbllre2J e variabruCOJllllg les aloilire ng twlhtCOJlire he wirmgre hole ra 1Q1fiht11Jlm;mllll nge of h dli.mrellll­uman dim- en
sioi'liCOJmtruify nality lelireZLdl ad u11Jl§ tCOJ s t m o a imtfimtitre n infni mtllJlmibrer te num COJf ber oprer§COJmtru f per dli.ffrerremtcre§, sonal diferCOJmtre ences, one
wCOJmtcdlrern wonders titCOJcdl;my odaif y if tilirerre hi:3 er;m e icremttrre, s a cen m11Jlclht tre, mlire§§ uc wlhtretlhtrer h less wit hwm ether i!be: ZL!blire t will be able
titCOJ o hiht10Jlidl old u11Jl§ s tt10Jgreilirer ogethCOJr er o llllCOJt r not.
TTh11Jl2l, us, w wlhti.llre hile HHm all oCOJri.gmmy riginallwmitre y wroIQl11Jlt te o (Qlf ut o1ac !lremt!iire f a sCOJf encrfafa se of crisis (as
a piffi pCOJ!iii.thrre ositive amcdl nd nmtreg;mti.vre egatipCOJtremtUrui.fy) ve potentiamdl lity) aCOJ!b!lrervrecdl nd obsiliZLt erve"ilire d th lim­at “the
language of crisis is neither familiar nor palatable to most Canadians” gllJlZLgre COJf cri.!iifa ii'ii llllreiilirer fi8lllltllilii8l!f mtCOJr pZLliZLtZLMre itCOJ mCOJ:'iiit CmZLdlim:il" 6Si FFOIPIWAIEUJJ orward t TO o the 2019 RTHE 2@Jl§l! REIPIPIIN'JI' eprint E EifH'JI'ION dition
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in nits ts fafamnlifari.tyo miliaritThe y. T dleep e de 81WUemtess ep awaren(i])f es peiremtmti.aill s of perenniUilll- (i])lf al un- oumtdleir­ r
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a811buse buse a81Imdl nd didli.2;cri.mi.Im81itn(i])mt, scriminatio 81Imdl n, a ilie nd tgmwi.mtg he gromtumlbeir wing num(i])f beveir-m(i])re­er of
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o(i])f f dedleeper eper amdl ndleeper d deepdle2;p1l!l1Iro er despair.
WWh81it hat amUdl(i])te2; ntidotmwdl es couCm:aidli.m ld Canadi an ChrisC(i])mtitri.lbiuite tians confmm tribute from
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crcri.sfa? isis? FlFmm rom wwhere her might e mighwe t w recmrer e reco (i])Ur ver o 2;eIDL2;e ur s (i])f en ChrfaUm se of Chrh(i])pe istian hope
in a :Bl mmtUimuaillliy ntinualle'lmMimg y evolvin Cm81dl:ai? g Canad K a? I sstm fimtdl till fnpern(i])mtaill d perseIDLC(i])Uir:ffige­onal enco - urage
mmemtit ent mdl and pr81citkaill practicdli.reciti(i])Im al directfmm ion fHm's rom iliree Hall’s impeirffiithres three impera(i])Uit­ -tives out
lined in this text. I fnd them to be theologically sound, culturally lii.Imiedl iIDL ilifa text K rnimdl them it(i]) !be tfillte(i])fogkmy S(i])UIDLdl, cwturiB!liliy
ini.mtsi.ghtfull, sightfumdl l, andleepliy d ly in ttumte unwith e wthe ith tmfa2;foimaill he missiomt81iture nal n (i])flbnlblik81li ature of biblical
CChrfaitim hristian faf1l!lltlbto ith.
FirlFir2;t, st, CCmiBldlnm anadian CChri.2;ti.m2; hristiamu2;t ns mureifllect, st refe pmlbiiBlMy ct, prom(i])re bably more
deeply than they may have in the past, on their discipleship as also dleepliy thm iliey m81y hiBlve i.Im the JPiBl!iit, (i])Irll their msdplie2;Mp 81s ru2;(i])
enemtmmp:ai2;si.mtg compassing tiliei.Ir heir ciditi:zemt!iilmi.po tizenshiWiith(i])ut p. Withfmi.mtg out fa iimit(i]) llin ilie g in here2;y to the h(i])f eresy of
nImiBltn(i])mtrufam ationalism wwhkh hicHruli h Harightly ll righi.dleimitirne2; tly identi.Im ifes in tthre2;re piBlge2;, hese pChri.2;ti.:aimt2; ages, Christians
s2;eelki.Img eeking tit(i]) o ffolili(i])w ollow tilie hl(i])Irdl e LoJe2;u2; rd JesChrfat us Chri.Im iCmiB!dliB! st in Ca it(i])dliB!y nada tiB\re odcaillliedl ay are called
tt(i]) o s2;tewMdl tewarilieir d their nmt81U(i])mt at(i])Ut ion o(i])f uiBl t omsUmtctliy f a disChri.2;Um tinctly Cethic hrist(i])f iamm­n et-hic of com
pJPliBl!ii!iii(i])mt, assion, cCMf, aremdl , anyu2;itkeo d justiceThi.§ . Ti reilii.c s et e2;chew2; hic esch:Bl e"my ws a “ C(i])Umttry, my cori.ght untry, right
o(i])r r wWlf(i])Img" rong” aiBlttitudlre ttitude wwi.ili pulblik ith puform§ blic fo(i])f rm2;remcre s of stfilliBlt ervice tdlfapliiBly haG(i])d['2; t display God’s
ccruli all tt(i]) o ee:Blch ach o(i])f u2; f u t(i]) s tuse o u (i])Uf se o gi.ft2;, ur g slki.lilis, ifs, skmdl ills, a(i])jpp(i])rtuimi.ti.e2; nd opportunifoir tilie ies for the
foifll(i])uri.2;lmi.mtg urishing o(i])f f o(i])Uir ur lli:Blmtdl an(:Bl d (a ppemtuliUm:aiite enultim g(i])aill) ate g §(i]) oatfill81it l) so mi.ghit hat it mig!be ht be
erequi.ppredl quipped aiBlmtdl nd s2;UmwiBltredl timulateit(i]) d t pmm(i])itre o promilire ote tifll(i])uri.2;hnmtg he fouri(i])f shinm g olimdl2; f all lands
wi.tMIDL within G G(i])dl's od’s CrCreiBltJ.(i])Irll eatio (ilie n (t wtimiB!te he ultim g(i])iBlno ate g Kim oailiis l). In texte:Imdledl his ext peri.(i])dl ended period
(i])f cri.si2;, CmiB!dlniB!Im Chri.2;tim2; mteedl it(i]) !be remiimdledl tfilliBlt nit i,2; G(i])dl'2; of crisis, Canadian Christians need to be reminded that it is God’s
nImiBliturre ature tit(i]) lblire§§ o bles (peIDLwti.m:Blitre s (penultimg(i]):ain ate oa(i])rdlrer l) in o ithffit rder tilire hmvi.mtre at thlblire§§RIDLg e divine blessing
migmight ht b!be: e s!iihiBlredl hared wwi.ili it (i])tfillrer2; h oth(wtimiBltre ers (ultimg(i])ru), ate g Im(i])t oal), nJb(i]Jttliredl ot b up otmdl tled up and
klkept ept ppri.viBltdy rivatelfor y f(i])Ime'2; or on2;dfo e’s sUlke elf. L the ike tmmmtiBl he m(i])f ann(i])lidl, a o G(i])dl's f old1blies2;i.mtg2; , God’s blessings
hh81vre ave a “81 "lbre§it best b!before:" efordliB!itfo e” daKf teiliey . If t iBlrre he§it(i])rredl y are s iB!W81f, tore(i])Uit d awa(i])f 81 y, odlre2;irre ut o for f a desire for
p]Plflf§(i])Irllru ersonal o(i])r r ttri.lbru rib§fC:UirRity, al securilirey ity, tjpi(i])J.§(i])Irll hey porai.ilirer ison ratfilliBlmt thIrll(i])Ulf!.§h, er than nourish.FFOIR.W.IUEUJJ orward t TO o the 2019 RTIHIE 2@Jl§l! REPIR.INT eprint E EDITION dition 77
S§eccamrdl, econd, exte:deJIBrdling ending GGc!JJrdl'!ii odblie2J2JiJIBg2J ’s blessings tt(!JJ (!JJtlhuerr§ o othwm ers wimraurfabliy ill invariably
ttBlke ake tdlle he s:dlliBlpe hap(!JJf e o tmgiblle/prncticiBlll f tangible/pracforrm!ii tical f (!JJf orllm,e ms ofor f lomu ve fJIBeigh­or o - ur neigh
brnmr-mdl bour—and eeveJIB ven ornmr ur (p(p(!JJllmciBlll, oliticidle(!JJfogiciBlll, al, ideologicetc) al, etel!llemy c) en (MiBltthew emy (Matthew
5:43). H HiBlllll all rirec(!JJgnizerdl ecognized tthiBlt hatheire t thi§ er(!JJfteJIB e is o§(!JJmdhiJIBg fen somet rdli2Jtire2J2Jinglly hing distressingly
1t1111rr,:«JJ1rfittu:,t:111t i8lbrn1t mmy e:iqllre2J2Ji(!JJJIB§ (!JJf Chd!iitim fove: t(!JJ iBlffirm theoretica a lbout many expressions of Christian love: to afrm
o(!JJl!lle'§ ne’s lon(!JJve ve o(!JJf f arun pe(!JJplle ll peopt(!JJ(!JJ le to(!JJftel!ll o ofre§Wt§ en resuin lts in a fa18\ faililllre t(!JJ ilur18\CruiBllllly e to ac fove tually love
tthe he o(!JJtheir ther wwh(!JJ h llive!l o livlllleIDi: es next dord](!JJ(!JJr ( mdl or (a wh(!JJ, nd who, a18llili, fer aiirdtiBlte§ ll, ir U§ ritt(!JJ atltll(!JJ es us to no
enelIBrdl)o d). Many pJPiriBldkiBlll racticthe(!JJfogi.m§ al theologit(!JJrdliBly ans toW(!JJWrdl day w cm ould cthfa athe ll thimfa­ s the
mis§i(!JJlllliBlll lllliBlture (!JJf Chrfati.m fove: it !leeb (!JJUt the (!]their, eJIBC(!JJuntern sional nature of Christian love: it seeks out the other, encounters
tthe he o(!JJtheir ther in oin (!]Ur ur coC(!JJmm(!JJllll mmhummity, on humanimrdl ty, a!lerve!l nd sthe erves t(!JJther he oillll 2Jelif­ther in
selfs§i8\Cdrndi8\ll acrifcia mdl l anfoJIBg-§ d long-suferinforrm§ g for(!JJfl(!JJVeo ms of loMidldllle~rdiffi§§ ve. Middle-cCi8llIBiffidlim lass Canadian
CChd!iitim!ii, hristians, coC(!JJmfod1a1blle mfortaillll ble in ttheirr !lerdurdlerdl heir secJIBeighb(!JJuirh(!JJ(!JJd[§, luded neighbour might hoods, might
be be !iih(!JJckedl shocked t(!JJ to dlfamveir discover the tt1a1llllgiblle he tangfoirm!l ible fo(!JJf rmbmkel!lll!lle§§ s of brokillll enn their ess in their
nneighb(!JJur'§ eighbour’s liHve!l, ves, ttheiir heir nneighb(!JJurh(!JJ(!JJrd] eighbourhoiffi§ od aiffillll s ainter~c(!JJnnecterdl n inter-connected
coC(!JJmmunity, mmunitymrdl , and eeven ven their their mmunkipruity unicipaiffi§ litiffi y allegru s a eJIBtityo legal enTherre tityfa . Tere is
mmlillch uch lon(!JJve ve nl!lleedledl eeded in a Cin iffi Cm1a1dl1a1 anad §tm a st§tre§§edl ill stresi8\ll(!JJllllg sed a miffillllf long m§eiffim§ any s if eams if
tthe he fafabric bric o(!JJf (!JJUr f o nati(!JJllllru ur natioidlelllltity nal iden fa t(!JJ titC(!JJntinue y is to co t(!JJ nbe tin a ue twek(!JJming o be a welcoming
place for the aboriginal, immigrant, and refugee within o -ur politipface forr the ab(!JJri.ginru, immigrrmt, mdl refugee within (!JJUir p(!JJnm­
ccru al jud!iidlicti(!JJllllo jurisdiction. A2ii Athe s tChd!iitian he Christ§aJ.llllt§ ian shave aints W§C(!JJVeredl have discofol!llg verbe­ed - long be
ffore ore uIll§, s, iit might t mighjlill!iit t jube st bthmlillgh e thro(!JJlilllf ugh oreiBlchillllg ur reac(!JJlllt hint(!JJ g o(!JJther!l ut tillll o o l!lleedl thers in need
tth:Blt hat wwe e dirdlfac(!JJverr scover o(!JJUir (!JJWl!ll ur orneedl wn nemrdl ed a irnJIBrdl nd fn(!]Ur d oneerdl ur n met eed mthmugh et thrm ough an
encounter with the Other.eJIBmunter with the Othero
FinFillllmy, ally, amdl nd pp(!JJ!ii!iiiblly ossibly mm(!JJ!lt os2lignificmitlly t signifcanfor tly ft(!JJdliBly, or toCiBll!lliBldlim day, Canadian
CChrfatim!l hristianneerdl s neet(!JJ d t reruize o realize tthiBlt Chd!ltendl(!JJm hat ChristenhiBl!l do irnllllruliy m has fnC(!JJlifap!lerdl ally collapsed
unuJIBrdlerr der i it§ ts o(!JJWl!ll wn wweight eighThe t. T Chrrfatim e Christ§cdpmrre§ ian ScriptJIB(!] ur li(!JJJIBgerr es no lopmvirdle nger provide
tthe he mm(!JJrru orafrriffimew(!JJrrk l framewowi.thillll rk witwhich hin whicCmiBlmm!ii h Canadiunrdler!ltmrdl ans under mrdl stand and
lillive ve t their heir lillive!l" ves. TThe e CChrfatim hristiaChmch n Chur ii'l ch iJIB(!] s nfonger o lochiBlpliai.llll nger chat(!JJ plain to
tthe he coC(!JJUltlltry'§ untry’m(!JJirru s moraC(!Jlllll§denceo l conscien lll\ut ce. Bthfa ut tfa Jtll(!JJt his i §(!JJmethiJIBg s not som t(!JJ etbe hing to be
lliiffimentedl amented a:Bl§ Chd!iitim!l s Christia(!JJften ns ofimpufaivelly en impulsivfeet ely f F(!JJr, eel. Finherent or, inhwi.tlmin erent within
a C8l Chd!iitel!lldl(!JJm hristendom wW(!JJrlidlview orldvieiBlre w a form§ re fo(!JJf rm in§tlitlllti(!JJllllru s of institumdl tioncwmriBlll al and cultural
pp(!JJwer ower t th:Blt haaure t arrdleeplly e deep foireign ly foreigt(!JJ the n to tChd!ltiiBlllll he Chr G(!JJ!lpell istian Gmdl os2Jcdp­pel a -nd scrip
tmrre!lo ures. I Xn2Jte2rdl, nstead thi!l , thinew s nepllurrufat w plura reruity list re(!JJught ality o t(!JJ ugbe ht temlbr2cedl­o be embraced—
eevellll ven ce cellelbr:Bltedl-lby lebrated—bC:Bll!ll:Bldlfan y CanadiChrfatim!iio an ChristiOm ans. Ol!llewlly ur n dlfapfacedl, ewly displaced,
mmaurginiBlll arginal s§IOJdru ocia lii!JJCiB\tli(!JJltll l locatiomem§ n meath:Blt ns t we hacm t we ciBlgrun an aIC(!JJJIB§tructi.velly gain constructively