The Chicago Declaration
144 Pages

The Chicago Declaration

144 Pages


"Someday Christian historians may write that the most significant church-related event of 1973 took place last week at the YMCA Hotel on S. Wabash."
--Chicago Sun-Times, December 1, 1973
"While the rest of American Protestantism was enjoying the annual festival of orgy and guilt, [forty] or so evangelical Christians were making their way to Chicago to take part in marathon discussions which could well change the face of both religion and politics in America."
--Christian Century, December 19, 1973
"This new concern is more enduring than that of the liberals because it is more strongly grounded on biblical imperatives."
--George Cornell, Associated Press Columnist
"I could identify with most of the recent Chicago Declaration . . . I think we have to identify with the changing of structures in society and try to do our part."
--Billy Graham in Christianity Today, January 3, 1974
"If the movement sustains itself long enough to have engagements with the churches that produced its leaders, we may see something more significant than the now-passing 'Jesus freakism' or the ongoing Pentecostal-charismatic movements. Out of this, people might be fed, the law might be rendered justly, and America might relocate itself in the world. One can dream."
--Martin E. Marty, in Context, March 15, 1974



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