The Cotton Patch Evidence
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The Cotton Patch Evidence



The story of Koinonia Farm and Clarence Jordan is as important today as it was in 1971 when Dallas Lee first recorded the history, shortly after Jordan's death. This is a story of the enduring witness of Christian communal living that continues to influence the faithful around the world.
In 1942, Clarence and others set out to live as the early apostles, following Christ's teaching and sharing all things in common. Everyone was welcome. When word spread that a Negro farmhand shared their communal table, the consequences exploded fast and hard as the Ku Klux Klan came calling with bombs, gunfire, and boycott.
This edition concludes with a new afterword by director of Koinonia Farm Bren Dubay that highlights the continuity of Koinonia's original mission today, despite all the challenges and changes since 1942.



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Published 25 August 2011
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“Lîke te Apostle Jon on te Island o Patmos 2000 years ago wo re-corded a vîsîon o te Cîty o God tat compels umanîty even today, Dallas Lee as recorded te acts o a communîty tat could only exîst as a mîracle: a peaceul and productîve armîng partnersîp ounded în 1942, were everyone was treated equally . . . weter Crîstîan or non, no matter te color o one’s skîn . . . yes, no matter î you were black . . .rîgt tere deep în te vîolent Jîm Crow Sout o rural Georgîa. It takes courage to read te evîdence tat Lee as assembled on te împact o te lîe o Clarence Jordan, but tîs îs evîdence tat, î belîeved, could urter one o our most requent, dangerous and prooundly opeul prayers, ‘hy Kîngdom come, hy wîll be done.’ he book sould probably ave a warnîng label: Read ît at te rîsk o your own transormatîon.” Tom Key Co-Autor and actor înCoon PacH GospelMusical(of Broadway and across Amerîca sînce 1981) Executîve Artîstîc Dîrector, heatrîcal Outit în downtown Atlanta
“A must read! My 1971 edîtîon o tîs book îs well-worn and allîng apart. Many pastors wo wîs to use Clarence Jordan’s lîe în teîr sermons almost always reerence te Lee book. I ave used several storîes rom ît along wît Jordan’s retellîng o te Sermon on te Mount message or my Crîstîan Nonvîolence class. By strîvîng to lîve te way o Jesus, Jordan and oter members o Koînonîa Farm callenged te polîtîcal, economîc and relîgîous establîsments, endured te treats o te Ku Klux Klan, gently rejected te ‘compromîsed’ Crîstîan curc and sougt to lîve out te gospel în communîty. hîs experîment contînues today and remaîns relevant to te proclamatîon o te gospel o Jesus Crîst.” Bill Carlson Proessor o Hîstory and Polîtîcal Scîence Betel Unîversîty
he Coon PacH Evidenceîs a iery urnace o a story resurrected rom te red dust o Georgîa. I researced books, prîmary sources, and people about Koînonîa Farm, but none come close to te journalîstîc cops and storytellîng magîc o tîs book. Lee îs te Luke to Koînoînîa’s lîved-out gospel: dîverse dîscîples ollowîng Crîst all te way to te cross.” Dennis J. Hassell Autor o te stage and screen plays,he Glory ManClarence about Jordan and Koînonîa Farm
“At a tîme wen we ave to searc ard or glîmpses o good news, te Koînonîa experîment stîll sînes brîgtly. And Dallas Lee’s classîc brîngs ît to lîe wît vîvîd descrîptîon and penetratîng însîgt. hîs story îs a resoundîng învîtatîon to lîve aîtully and wît courage. It needs to be told and retold.” Joyce Hollyday Autor oClarence Jordan: Essenial Wriingsand co-pastor o Cîrcle o Mercy, Asevîlle, NC “he story o Koînonîa îs not just about a communîty în Nort Amerîca în te 1900s. It îs a story tousands o years old about a God wo con-tînually ears te crîes o te oppressed. It îs te story o a God wo îs ormîng communîtîes o propetîc resîstance to te powers and patterns o tîs world, înterruptîng ugly tîngs lîke racîsm and vîolence. It îs te story o a God wo îs ealîng te wounds o îstory. In Georgîa, tat communîty was gîven a name—Koînonîa Farm—but teîr story îs our story. As you read tîs book, you are învîted to wrîte te next capter o te Cotton Patc Gospel—wît your lîe.” Shane Claiborne Autor (Irresisible Revoluion,Jesus for Presiden), actîvîst, recoverîng sînner
“Clarence Jordan touced te lîves o tousands troug îs sermons, îs wrîtîngs and îs Bîble translatîons. Hîs greatest pysîcal legacy, toug,
may be te undreds o tousands o omes tat ave been buîlt troug programs e înspîred. Dallas Lee tells te Jordan and Koînonîa Farm story well.he Coon PacH Evidenceîs a ow-to book or tose wo seek to lîve te Gospel o Jesus Crîst.” David Snell Presîdent or te Fuller Center or Housîng
“Clarence Jordan and te Koînonîa experîence ad a proound împact on my parents, Mîllard and Lînda Fuller, ounders o Habîtat or Humanîty and he Fuller Center or Housîng. As a lîttle gîrl wo grew up at Koînonîa Farm în te late 60’s and early 70’s, I remember earîng bîts and pîeces o te story, but ît wasn’t untîl I read Cotton Patc Evîdence many years later tat te ull gravîty o wat took place at Koînonîa sunk în. An ab-solutely rîvetîng and powerul narratîve, Dallas Lee’s book îs a must-read or anyone seekîng an înspîrîng true-lîe example o ow to lîve out one’s Crîstîan aît despîte overwelmîng and powerul opposîtîon.” Faith Fuller Dîrector,Briars in He Coon PacHdocumentary
“Clarence Jordan’s spîrîtual pîlgrîmage îs told engagîngly and efectîvely, wît te kînd o umor, eartîness, and realîsm tat were so muc a part o Clarence. he man wo emerges rom tese pages îs no pallîd, pîous saînt, or a sel-assured superman, but a totally real uman beîng wose commîtment to îs Master led îm to be a most extraordînary Crîstîan. Here was a man wo lîved îs aît ‘în scorn o te consequences.’ He was, îndeed, a man or our tîmes.” Robert G. Bratcher Amerîcan Bîble Socîety (From te 1971 Harper & Row edîtîon)
Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 The Cotton Patch Evidence The Story of Clarence Jordan and the Koinonia Farm Experiment (1942 - 1970) By Lee, Dallas Copyright©1971 by Lee, Dallas ISBN 13: 978-1-61097-642-8 Publication date 9/1/2011 Previously published by Koinonia Partners, 1971