The Crises of the Christ

The Crises of the Christ


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Over the years many books based on the Life of Christ have been published. Of these, some have emphasized the facts of His humanity, others the truth of his Deity. While these volumes, therefore, present the Person of Jesus, this work-by the Prince of Expositors-examines His Life as the accomplishment of a Divine work.
With rare insight, accuracy of definition, and countless illuminating strokes, G. Campbell Morgan devotes these thirty-three chapters to the pivotal events in Christ's life. The seven crises are: the Birth, the Baptism, the Temptation, the Transfiguration, the Death, the Resurrection, and the Ascension. Included is a preliminary chapter, "The Call for Christ-Man Fallen," and a concluding chapter, "The Answer for Christ-Man Redeemed." Four indexes complete the volume.



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Published 06 May 2005
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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 The Crises of the Christ By Morgan, G. Campbell Copyright©1903 The Morgan Trust ISBN 13: 978-1-59752-140-6 Publication date 5/6/2005 Previously published by Fleming H. Revell Company, 1903
G. Campbell Morgan Reprint Series
f IT îs rue a e measure o a person’s greaness îs eîr ï înluence, no ony on îs own îme bu on uure gen-eraîons, G. Campbe Morgan mus be regarded as a grea person. Hîs greaness îs seen no ony în e wîde împac o îs mînîsry on bo sîdes o e Aanîc, bu în e ac a îs books are sî read and sudîed sîxy-ive years ater îs dea. Named one o e en greaes preacers o e wenîe-cenury by e conrîbuîng board oPreacHingmagazîne, Morgan made e Bîbe a new and îvîng book no ony o e congregaîons wo îsened o îm, bu e vas muîude o persons wo read îs books. Fox sîxy-seven years Morgan preaced and aug e Scrîpures and served curces în Engand and e Unîed Saes. Wa îs remarkabe îs a îs commenarîes and exposîîons o e Bîbe sî speak o persons o a new mîennîum. here ave been many canges în e word sînce e aîuy preaced and aug e Scrîpures, bu e wîde appea o îs books esîy o e îmeessness o îs message. Aoug e ed pasoraes în e Congregaîona and Presbyerîan denomînaîons, e ad an ecumenîca appea o persons o a denomînaîons and radîîons. he mysîc
homas á Kempîs once wroe, “He o wom e eerna word speaks îs deîvered rom many opînîons.” ïn one o îs sermons, e reerred o e words o Amos a ere woud be a amîne or earîng e word o God (Amos 8:11). he îmeess work o G. Campbe Morgan addresses a un-ger, as îs books enabe îs readers o ge beyond opînîons o e îvîng Word. Wîp and Sock Pubîsers ave rendered a grea gît o e reîgîous word în reprînîng dozens o Morgan’s books. hîs growîng coecîon makes îs books more avaîabe, so a readers ave an opîon oer an searcîng e înerne or used, and oten expensîve, copîes. Among îs coecîon îs e cassîche Great PHysicianand commen-arîes on e Gospe o Maew and Jon. Persons seekîng a îvîng aî and a meanîngu encouner wî God woud proi rom readîng any o ese Morgan books. Near e end o îs mînîsry, în a sermon enîed “Bu One hîng,” Morgan commened on ow Poruga canged e words o a coîn ater Crîsoper Coumbus dîscovered Amerîca. No onger dîd e înscrîpîon say,Ne Plus Ultra(noîng more beyond) buPlus Ultra(more beyond). ï îs e ope o e G. Campbe Morgan rus a e reprîn-îng o ese books wî brîng readers o e “more beyond,” and an even deeper encouner wî e Word în Scrîpure.
The Morgan Trust Rîcard L. Morgan Howard C. Morgan Jon C. Morgan