The Evolution of the Monastic Ideal
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The Evolution of the Monastic Ideal



Herbert Brook Workman (1862-1951) was born in London and educated at Owens College, Manchester. He entered the Wesleyan ministry in 1885 and served as a circuit minister in England and Scotland until 1903 when he was appointed Principal of Westminster College. He was elected President of the Wesleyan Conference in 1930.

A distinguished historian, Workman was Cole Lecturer at Vanderbilt University in 1916 and Visiting Professor of Methodist Church History at the University of Chicago in 1927. He published extensively in the field of medieval church history as well as Methodism.

His other publications include 'Persecution in the Early Church,' 'The Dawn of the Reformation,' 'The Evolution of the Monastic Ideal,' 'Martyrs of the Early Church,' 'Methodism,' and 'The Age of John Hus.'



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