The Gospel of John and the Sociology of Light
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The Gospel of John and the Sociology of Light



This provocative study of the language of the Fourth Gospel pursues the complicated but intriguing thesis that the Gospel's language is a blend of everyday, ordinary language and a "special language" suitable to the Johannine community. This "special language" transforms the ordinary language in a way that makes it into an anti-language. The oppositional character of the language, then, fuctioned socially to distinguish the Johannine believers from their opponents.
By addressing the perplexing issue of the language of the Fouth Gospel in a way that has not yet been done, Professor Petersen has made his work essential for specialists in New Testament and especially in Johannine studies. The work deals with the literary, historical, and sociological features of the Fourth Gospel. Its use of diverse methodologies is one of the book's extraordinary values, reflecting the current need for interdisciplinary efforts in Johannine studies.



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