The Holy Spirit in the New Testament
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The Holy Spirit in the New Testament


324 Pages


In fifteen thorough chapters David Ewert surveys the whole range of New Testament authors to discover what they have to say on the Holy Spirit and what this means for the life of the believer and for the church.
To add another book on the Holy Spirit to the great number available is a daunting undertaking, the author admits. One can only hope that by ordering the biblical materials in a new way, familiar truths will shine with new luster. Perhaps by bringing the relevant biblical passages to bear on the life of the church in our day old truths can be seen in a new light.
The material is organizzed in three parts: (1) The Promise of the Spirit, considering all the passages of the Gospels that speak of the Holy Spirit; (2) The Coming of the Spirit, dealing with the Pentecostal outpouring of the Spirit in the book of Acts and the continual overflow of the Spirit in the expansion of the church; and (3) The Spirit in the Life of the Believer, studying what the apostles have to say about the Holy Spirit in the epistles.
Many have instinctively sensed that the teaching of the New Testament on the Holy Spirit is a key that unlocks many doors, the author notes. Jesus likened the Spirit to the wind, with its mysterious and numinous character. Just as we can hear and feel the blowing of the wind, by God's grace we can experience the presence and the power of the Spirit, if we are willing to get in the path of God's wind.



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