The Holy War
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The Holy War


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Four years after John Bunyan released his instantly popular journey allegory The Pilgrim's Progress, he published The Holy War--a battle allegory and companion volume. His first book explores salvation of the individual Christian; the second portrays the battle for sanctification. While Christian struggles with questions about assurance of salvation, the collective Mansoul labors with the challenges of being led by and filled with the Holy Spirit.
The Pilgrim's Progress focuses on the individual's struggle against sin; The Holy War portrays the Church in a corporate struggle against systemic evil. Bunyan wrote that The Holy War originates in "the same heart, and head, fingers and pen" as The Pilgrim's Progress. Both books present separate dimensions of Bunyan's spiritual journey.
Taken together, the journey allegory and the battle allegory capture the full range and depth of the biblical message that consumed Bunyan's imagination. He credits his own salvation to these two things: The grace of God and tenacious, continual, holy warfare. The Holy War is testimony to a spiritual battle he fought, and won.
This edition provides annotations that clarify Bunyan's first edition language and message for readers in a post-Puritan world.



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he Holy War
TItle page from the irst edItIon, 1682 (BodleIan LIbrary, Oxford)
he Holy War
Aôae Cômaô ôTe Pîlgrîm’s Progress
y Jô Buya
Ee y Dae V. Ruyô
TE OY WAR Aôae Cômaô ôhe Pîlgrîm’s Progress
Côyg © 2012 Dae V. Ruyô. A gŝ eŝeve. Exce ô e quôa-ôŝ  cca ucaôŝ ô evewŝ, ô a ô ŝ ôôk may e eôuce  ay mae wôu ô we emŝŝô ôm e uŝe. We: Pemŝ-ŝôŝ, W a Sôck Puŝeŝ, 199 W. 8 Ave., Sue 3, Eugee, OR 97401.
Pckwck Pucaôŝ A ïm ô W a Sôck Puŝeŝ 199 W. 8 Ave., Sue 3 Eugee, OR 97401
îsbn 13: 978-1-61097-501-8
Caalogîng-în-Publîcaîon daa:
Buya, Jô, 1628–1688.
He ôy wa : aôae cômaô ô He Pgm’ŝ Pôgeŝŝ / Jô Bu-ya ; ee a aôae y Dae V. Ruyô.
xxx + 302 . ; 23 cm. —ïcueŝ ôgaca eeeceŝ a ex(eŝ).
îsbn 13: 978-1-61097-501-8
1. Cŝa gmŝ a gmageŝ—Fcô. ï. Ruyô, Dae V. ïï. Te.
pr3329 .h1 2012
Mauacue  e U.S.A.
Côve eŝg y Jm Teck Côve a: Dea ô e Ac e Tum, Paŝ. Côyg©Hkŝôck. ïex ceae y Bô a Tyeŝeg: ïa Ceege
he Holy War, made by Saddai upon Diabolus, For te Regaining of te Metropolis of te World.
Or, te Losing and Taking Again of te Town of Mansoul. ByJon Bunyan, te Autor of te Pilgrims Progress.
I ave used Similitudes, Hos.12.10.
London, Printed forDorman Newmanat teKings Armsin tePoultry; andBenjamin Alsopat te AngelandBiblein tePoultry, 1682.
A plate by Edmund Baxter from the irst edItIon, 1682 (BrItIsh LIbrary)
Acknowledgments ix Introduction xi Abbreviations xxix
Te Holy War
Bibliograpy 269 General Index 279 Scripture Index 293
 to colleagues of te International Jon Bunyan Society wo urged me to produce tis edition ofhe Holy editioTn text, particularly regarding Bunyan’s indispensable marginal notes. War. Special guidance was provided by Roger Pooley, wo made elpful suggestions for te introduction, and by Maxine Hancock, wo graciously insisted tat I strictly adere to te first Spring Arbor University provided a sabbatical and some funding for tis project, Angela Peterson typed te first draft of te Bunyan manu-script, and Renée Runyon proofed te introduction and footnotes. Jim Tedrick and Cristian Amondson at Wipf and Stock Publisers offered wise suggestions and careful attention to production details. Mistakes are entirely my responsibility, but I trust I ave produced a volume worty of a respectful nod from Jon Bunyan. Daniel V. Runyon Spring Arbor University January, 2012