The In-Between People

The In-Between People


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In the midst of partial, competing, and often hostile forms of human solidarity, David Bosch challenged the church to be the Alternative Community called to live in the in-between of various opposing socio-political, economic, and ecclesiastical polarities. Girma Bekele explores and renews that call in the context of Ethiopia. Acute poverty and the lingering question of the balance between ethnic distinctiveness and national unity, together constitute a two-edged challenge to Christian identity. Constructive dialogue that fosters unity is intrinsic to effective response to the plight of the poor. This means a turning away from institutional self-preservation towards a contextually relevant mission that crosses all human-made frontiers. Taking Ethiopia as the immediate context, Dr. Bekele offers important insight to the church in the majority world and beyond.



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Published 29 March 2011
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hE INBEWEEN PEOpLE A Reading of David Bosc roug e Lens of Mission Hisory and Conemporary Callenges in Eiopia
G B
With a Foreword by Jonathan J. Bonk
THe In-BeTween PeoPle A REadiNg Of David BOsc rOug E lENs Of MissiON HisOry aNd CONEmpOrary CaLLENgEs iN eiOpia
COpyrig © 2011 Girma BEkELE. ALL rigs rEsErvEd. eXcEp fOr riEf quOaiONs iN criicaL puLicaiONs Or rEviEWs, NO par Of is OOk may E rEprOducEd iN aNy maNNEr WiOu priOr WriEN pErmissiON frOm E puLisEr. wriE: PErmissiONs, wipf aNd SOck PuLisErs, 199 w. 8 AvE., SuiE 3, eugENE, oR 97401.
PickWick PuLicaiONs AN ImpriN Of wipf aNd SOck PuLisErs 199 w. 8 AvE., SuiE 3 eugENE, oR 97401
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Caaloguing-in-Publicaion daa:
BEkELE, Girma.
hE iNEWEEN pEOpLE : a rEadiNg Of David BOsc rOug E LENs Of missiON isOry aNd cONEmpOrary caLLENgEs iN eiOpia / Girma BEkELE ; Wi a fOrEWOrd y JONaaN J. BONk.
Xvi + 462 pp. ; 23 cm. INcLudEs iLiOgrapicaL rEfErENcEs aNd iNdEX.
 13: 9781608992690
1. Bosc, David Jacobus. 2. Missions—heory—History of doctrines—20t century. 3. Proselytizing—Etiopia—History. 4. Missions—Etiopia—History. I. Title.
2063 43 2011
MaNufacurEd iN E U.S.A.
For my dear wife Genet Geremew and our three wonderful children, Yonathan Girma, Mahilet Grace Girma, and Eyoel Yohannes Girma.
Foreword by Jonaan J. Bonk/xi Acknowledgmens/xiii Abbreviaions/xv INrOduciON / 
 : Bosc’s Personal Paradigm Sits— From e Prison of Hisory o e Prison of Hope   BOsc’s wOrLd / 
An Excursion ino e Rise of Afrikanerdom: he Legiimaizaion of Apareid/  Bosc’s Religious Heriage: he Ecclesiological Self-Undersanding of DRC/ 
BiOgrapicaL SkEc / 
 Early Life and Influences/   Missionary: A Decade of heological Formaion/   Bosc e Academician (1972–1992)/   Conclusion/   : Bosc’s heological Framework— A Background o is View of e Curc as e Alernaive Communiy  INrOduciON /    BOsc’s hEOLOgicaL DEvELOpmEN: FrOmWiness o e WorldOTransforming Mission/    INrOduciON O BOsc’s ANaLysis Of Paradigm Sits iN E HisOry Of MissiON / 
MissiON, evaNgELism, aNd hEOLOgy: SEiNg E HOrizON fOr E IdENiy Of E INBEWEEN PEOpLE / 
 Inroducion/   Mission/   Evangelism/   heology/   Conclusion/   : Paradigm Sits in Eiopia’s Mission Hisory  INrOduciON /    CrOWN aNd CLErgy: AN eXcursiON O E eiOpiaN orOdOX TewaedoCurc / 
Beginnings, and e Saping of Ecclesiological Ideniy— Under e Aksumie Kingdom (325–650)/ 
he Dark Age and Resoraion under e Zagwé Dynasy— Mission roug Arciecural Ar (700–1200)/ 
Solomonic Dynasy: Expansion roug Monasic Revival, e Callenge of Islamic Invasion, e Poruguese Inerlude, and heological Conroversies (1270–1800)/ 
Modern Era, Persecuion under Ialy, Auocepaly, and e Grea Divorce of Sae and Curc (1855–1974)/ 
SOmE REmarks ON CrOWNCLErgy DyNamics aNd eiOpiaNism as ParadOXicaL IdEOLOgy /  PrOEsaNism iN eiOpia: A Paradigm Sit Or PrOsELyism GONE wrONg? / 
Inroducion/ 
he Caolic Missionary Paradigms—De Jacobis’ Indigenizaion Vs Massaja’s Lainizaion/ 
he Proesan Mission: Heyling’s Missionary Paradigm and e Bir of EECMY/ 
 he Proesan Mission—Lambie’s Missionary Paradigm and e Bir of EKHC/   he Ecumenical Movemen and e Role of Eiopian Penecosal Movemen/   he Grea Conroversy: Evangelizing e Evangelized/   Conclusion/   : he Missionary Task of e Curc as e Alernaive Communiy  INrOduciON /    hE nEW TEsamEN FOuNdaiON Of MissiON / 
Missional Hermeneuics: An Ecumenical Task/  Jesus’ Self-undersanding: he Bridge beween Two Tesamens/  NT Missionary Paradigms: Bosc’s Deducion of Major Missiological Moifs/ 
hE INBEWEEN PEOpLE aNd E QuEs fOr SOciaL JusicE / 
 Mission as Conexualizaion/   he Developmen of Conexual heologies: Inroducory Conex and Main Presupposiions/   Black heologies: African, African American, and Souern African/   he Alernaive Paradigm—he In-Beween People as a Couner Communiy/   Sub Conclusion/   : Lisening Togeer: Towards a Conemporary Mission Praxis in Eiopia  INrOduciON /   hE Cry Of E POOr: hE SOciOLOgicaL CONEX / 
he Failed Marxis Uopia/  Naural Disaser: Droug and e Poliics of Famine/ 
POsDergeCaLLENgEs aNd oppOruNiiEs fOr CONEmpOrary CurcEs / 
he Fragiliy of Eno-Linguisic Based Federalism/  From Facelessness o Visibiliy: Religious Freedom as Paradox/  he Effecs of Globalizaion/ 
A MOvE OWards CONEmpOrary MissiON PraXis: E emErgiNg COLLaOraivE ecumENicaLDiakonia/ 
Curces’ Response o e Realiies of Acue Povery— Evaluaion/ 
Conclusion/  Glossary/  Bibliograpy/  Index/ 