The Lay-Driven Church
220 Pages

The Lay-Driven Church


220 Pages


-Smash the 80/20 barrier at your church
-Unleash your laity to do the work of ministry
-Transform your ministry to meet the needs of the 21st-century church
-Empower and motivate your people
There's no Z in Lay!
Laypeople are not lazy, they just need purpose, motivation, and direction. Now the best-selling author of 'Can the Pastor Do It Alone?' tells you how to make your ministry more effective by getting more of the congregation involved in the work of your church.
Not just theories from a classroom, Dr. Melvin Steinbron's principles are ministry-tested, biblical ideas that have helped hundreds of churches across the country and around the world.
Shift your laity involvement from neutral to overdrive with wisdom from one of the pioneers of lay-driven ministry.



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Published 16 December 2004
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