The Lutheran Church in Colonial America
330 Pages

The Lutheran Church in Colonial America


330 Pages


"Many people have been waiting for a thorough and scholarly work on the early history of Lutheranism in our country. Dr. L.P. Qualben deserves our deep thanks for doing this task and doing it well."
- W. G. Polack, Professor in Church History
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.
"Valuable features of the work are the proportionately full discussion of European backgrounds; the study of colonial Lutherans, no as an isolated group, but rather as an integral part of the general colonial life and development; and the inclusion of a section on Lutheran developments in Canada."
- Theodore G. Tappert, Professor in Church History,
Mount Airy Seminary, Philadelphia, Pa.
"The book should prove helpful to anyone interested in the formative period of our American nation and the part that Lutheranism played in its birth."
- P.H. Buehring, Professor in Church History,
Capital University, Columbus, Ohio



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