The Mediation of Jesus Christ
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The Mediation of Jesus Christ


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Milton Spenser Terry was born in Coeymans, New York on February 22, 1840. He was graduated at the Charlotteville, New York Seminary in 1859, and at Yale Divinity School in 1862. After being ordained into the clergy with the Methodist Episcopal Church he held various pastorates from 1868 till 1884, when he was elected to the Chair of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis at Garrett Biblical Institution, Evanston, Illinois. The degree of S.T.D. was conferred on him in 1879 by Wesleyan University, and he was elected to the American Oriental Society in 1871, and in 1883 to the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis. Dr. Terry has written articles for the "Methodist Quarterly Review," and has published 'Swedenborgianism' (New York, 1872); 'Man's Antiquity and Language' (1881); 'Commentaries on the Historical Books of the Old Testament' (2 vols., 1873-'5); and 'Biblical Hermeneutics' (1883).



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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 The Mediation of Jesus Christ A Contribution to the Study of Biblical Dogmatics By Terry, Milton S. ISBN: 1-59752-113-2 Publication date 3/8/2005 Previously published by Eaton and Mains, 1903