The Presbyterian Liturgies
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The Presbyterian Liturgies



This book gives a historical survey of the Presbyterian liturgies, beginning with the liturgy used by John Calvin in the church of Geneva.
More specifically, it is the author's aim to ascertain from the history and teachings of the Presbyterian Church what may be considered its proper theory of worship; and to compare that ideal with our prevailing practice . . . .
This book was first published under the title, Eutaxia, or the Presbyterian Liturgies (1855) and revised and reprinted the next year under title, A Chapter on Liturgies.
Table Of Contents
Calvin and the Church of Geneva
Calvin's Last Communion
Calvin's Daily Offices
The Genevan Liturgy in France
John Knox and the Church of Scotland
The First Sacrament in Scotland
Traces of the Scottish Liturgy
Worship of the Early Puritans
Baxter's Reformed Liturgy
The Calvinistic Forms in the Book of Common Prayer
Liturgy of the Reformed Dutch Church
Liturgy of the Palatinate
The Dirctory of Worship Revised



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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 The Presbyterian Liturgies Historical Sketches By Baird, Charles W. ISBN: 1-59752-907-9 Publication date 9/6/2006 Previously published by M. W. Dodd, 1855