The Quest for Faithfulness
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The Quest for Faithfulness



An individual's life story can provide insights into the character of a particular nation, the events of a specific time period, and the hopes and challenges faced by human beings as they strive to live a life that is consistent with the ideals that they espouse. This memoir of Helmut Hartmann's first seventy years of life serves such a multifaceted purpose. Hartmann was born shortly before Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists gained power in Germany. His memories of his childhood include impressions of a society in turmoil and of the persistent suffering experienced by segments of German society, particularly the Jewish community. In his adult years, Hartmann served as a pastor of the Evangelical Church in the German Democratic Republic. His account of his diverse pastoral ministry; his travels, both within and outside the Soviet Bloc countries; his engagement with the Communist political leaders; and his diligent quest for justice highlights the religious, political, economic, and social challenges faced by East German citizens while they were ruled by a political regime that was ardently anti-religious and eagerly exercised its dictatorial authority. Hartmann's memoir invites readers to consider what it means to be a follower of Christ and how their faith might inform their responses to the societal, political, and economic challenges of their particular time and place.



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