The Signs of a Prophet
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The Signs of a Prophet



Here is a fascinating study that contributes much to our understanding of the Gospel tradition and, in addition, provides evidence that biblical theology is still alive and flourishing.
Morna Hooker reviews the prophetic actions in the Old Testament and compares these with the way in which prophetic figures behaved in Jesus's day, in particular John the Baptist and the so-called sign prophets.
She then turns to Jesus and considers those actions that can be described as prophetic signs or dramas.
Hooker discusses the sign of Jonah, Jesus's refusal to perform signs, the miracles and other prophetic actions like the renaming of Simon, Jesus's eating with tax-collectors and sinners, and the prophetic signs associated with Jerusalem, reaching a climax in the Last Supper.
A final chapter examines the different ways in which the four evangelists interpreted Jesus's prophetic actions.



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