The Story of Joseph and the Family of Jacob
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The Story of Joseph and the Family of Jacob



This engaging exploration of the Joseph story by trusted Bible scholar Ronald Wallace offers a fresh look at Genesis 37-50 and its continuing relevance to life in our modern world.
Wallace traces the life of Joseph through his enslavement and subsequent rise to power in Egypt to the place where he would save the nascent tribe of Israel from sure starvation. Throughout these fourteen powerful and important chapters in Genesis, Joseph grapples with jealousy, selfishness, integrity, and other issues that remain pertinent to all believers today.
Designing his work with personal or group Bible study in mind, Wallace divides the scriptural text into small, easily digestible sections and provides short yet deeply insightful reflections on each part of the story. In scouring the narrative for its implicit meanings, Wallace uncovers many aspects of the Joseph story, including its ongoing relevance to the development of Old Testament scripture, its significant echoes in the New Testament, and its implications for today's church.
Written and arranged to provoke discussion as it is read, Wallace's 'Story of Joseph and the Family of Jacob' is an ideal choice for all who seek substantive and fulfilling Bible study resources.



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