Three Crucial Questions about Jesus
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Three Crucial Questions about Jesus



Murray J. Harris's Three Crucial Questions about Jesus deals with three pillars of the Christian faith in creatively different ways. Harris so frames these christological studies that they serve as model apologetic approaches for defending the validity of Christianity.
- Did Jesus exist?
Harris first addresses Jesus' historical existence, surveying four early classical writers for evidence that a person named Jesus of Nazareth lived in Israel in the first century.
- Did Jesus rise from the dead?
In debate format, Harris counters the most convincing arguments that Jesus did not return from the dead. The debaters discuss, among other issues, the so-called swoon theory, alternative explanations for the empty tomb, psychological explanations for the recorded appearances, and the Shroud of Turin
- Is Jesus God?
Finally, Harris amasses the New Testament evidence that teaches that Jesus is God, thereby countering those who believe that Jesus' godhood has been read into the Bible by overzealous believers. Harris discusses the divine status claimed by or accorded to Jesus, the divine functions exercised by Jesus, and the divine title God used of Jesus.



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Three Crucial Questions about Jesus
Three Crucial Questions about Jesus
Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 3 Crucial Questions About Jesus By Harris, Murray J. Copyright©1994 by Harris, Murray J. ISBN 13: 978-1-60608-107-5 Publication date 7/22/2008 Previously published by Baker Book House, 1994
    contest tat te most influ-V ential figure in world istory as been Jesus Crist. According to te 2008 Encyclopaedia BritannicaBook of the Year, aderents of te Cristian religion number about 2.2 billion (33% of te world’s population), wit Muslims num-bering 1.4 billion (21%) and Hindus 875 million (13.2%). No political figure compares wit te influence of Jesus Crist. Persons wo wis to disprove Cristianity or to un-dermine te fait of Cristians usually focus teir critical attention on tree matters relating to te person of Jesus. Sometimes tey seek to prove tat e never existed and is merely a mytical figure. Sometimes tey concede is is-toricity but deny is resurrection from te dead, so tat e remains a mortal figure. At oter times tey attempt to dis-prove is deity, claiming tat e is simply a uman figure. his book addresses tese tree carges: tat Jesus did not exist, tat e did not rise from te dead, and tat e is not divine. I ave attempted to examine te data relevant to tese issues wit fairness and calmness. Capters 1 and 2 are apologetic in tone, arguing for te existence and resurrec-tion of Jesus. Capter 3 sets out te testimony of te New Testament regarding te deity of Jesus Crist and lets te evidence speak for itself. Capter 2 as a special format.