Toxic Mythology
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Toxic Mythology



What "runs in the family"? Self-esteem? Money and happiness? It's all common knowledge . . . or is it? Many of the so-called truths of our culture are nothing more than toxic myths. You are probably suffering from the effects of more than one of these misinterpretations of reality. Some are well-intended but end up hurting people; others seem to be intentional efforts to undercut the good. Perhaps you have been told you are doomed to repeat family patterns. You may have been frustrated in your attempts to break through the resistance of students who are unwilling to learn. Perhaps you have struggled to strike a balance between material security and greed. Have you wondered what to do about the arrogance, indifference, or despair going on around you? In some cases, the toxic myths may be part of the problem. This book provides helpful tools to identify these myths and find antidotes to the poison.



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Published 13 February 2015
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