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Tradition, Veda and Law


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The essays in this volume include both general considerations and detailed investigations of South Asian cultural productions, and are arranged to fit specific South Asian materials into larger analytical frameworks.

The essays presented in this volume constitute a progression from general considerations related to the ‘etic’ (in the geertzian sense of the word) approach to South Asian cultural productions, to peculiar and detailed investigations of them. Such a sequence is meant to develop a renovated and systemic approach, through which these specific cultural materials should be interpreted: materials not to be read in isolation, nor with an overemphasised concern for cultural relativity. Rather, they should be viewed as meaningful examples of sophisticated intellectual and cultural procedures to be included into a broader comparative discussion, also in order to increase the quality and the depth of such debate. The studies gathered in this volume are therefore arranged to fit specific South Asian materials into larger analytical frameworks.

I. Understanding South Asian Cultural Production. In Search for a New Historical and Hermeneutic Awareness; II . ‘Pasadin’, ‘vaitandika’, ‘vaitaṇḍika’ and ‘nastika’. On Criticism, Dissenters and Polemics and the South Asian Struggle for the Semiotic Primacy of Veridiction; II. Being Good is Being ‘vaidika’. On the Genesis of a Normative Criterion in the ‘Manavadharmasastra’; IV. ‘na mlecchabhasam sikseta’. On the Authority of Speech and the Modes of Social Distinction through the Medium of Language; V. Punishing in Public. Imposing Moral Self-Dominance in Juridical Sanskrit Sources



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i.Understanding South Asian Cultural Production: In Search of a New Historical and Hermeneutic Awareness 11
ii. pāṣàṇḍIN, vàItàṇḍIkà, vEDàNINDàkàandNāstIkà: On Criticism, Dissenters and Polemics and the South Asian Struggle for the Semiotic Primacy of Veridiction 43
iii.Being Good is BeingvàIDIkà:On the Genesis of a Normative Criterion in theMāNàvàDHàRmàśāstRà 113
iV. Nà mlECCHàbHāṣāṃ śIkṣEtà:On the Authority of Speech and the Modes of Social Distinction through the Medium of Language 133
V.Punishing in Public: Imposing Moral Self-Dominance in Normative Sanskrit Sources 153
THE Essàys pREsENtED IN tHIs vOlUmE CONstItUtE à pROgREssION fROm gENERàl CONsIDERàtIONs RElàtED tO tHE ‘EtIC’ (IN tHE GEERtzIàN sENsE Of tHE WORD) àppROàCH tO SOUtH asIàN CUltURàl pRODUCtIONs, tO pECUlIàR àND DE-tàIlED INvEstIgàtIONs Of tHEm. SUCH à sEqUENCE Is mEàNt tO DEvElOp à RENOvàtED àND systEmIC àppROàCH, tHROUgH WHICH tHEsE spECIfIC CUltURàl màtERIàls sHOUlD bE INtER-pREtED: màtERIàls NOt tO bE REàD IN IsOlàtION, NOR WItH àN OvEREmpHàsIsED CONCERN fOR CUltURàl RElàtIvIty. ràtHER, tHEy sHOUlD bE vIEWED às mEàNINgfUl ExàmplEs Of sOpHIs-tICàtED INtEllECtUàl àND CUltURàl pROCEDUREs tO bE INClUD-ED INtO à bROàDER COmpàRàtIvE DIsCUssION, àlsO IN ORDER tO INCREàsE tHE qUàlIty àND tHE DEptH Of sUCH DEbàtE. THE fOllOWINg stUDIEs àRE tHEREfORE àRRàNgED às àbOvE, fIttINg spECIfIC màtERIàls INtO làRgER àNàlytICàl fRàmEWORks. LEt mE NOW mENtION sOmE Of tHE tECHNICàlItIEs CON-CERNINg tHE Essàys: sINCE tHE màtERIàls HERE COllECtED àRE tHE pRODUCts Of à lONg tERm REsEàRCH pERIOD, tHERE àRE sOmE DIvERgENCEs RElàtED tO EDItORIàl CRItERIà. i àpOlOgIzE fOR àNy INCONvENIENCEs tHIs mày CàUsE tO tHE REàDERs. alsO, i HàvE tO stàtE tHàt pREvIOUs vERsIONs Of tHE CHàptERs Of tHIs vOlUmE CàmE OUt IN pRINt: cHàptER 1 INItIàlly àppEàRED às F. SqUàRCINI, iNDIà àND eUROpE: At the Dawn of a New Hermeneutic Era, IN K. PREIsENDàNz (ED.),Expanding and Merging Horizons. Contributions to South Asian and Cross-Cultural Studies in Commemoration
of Wilhelm Halbfass, ÖstERREICHIsCHE akàDEmIE dER wIs-sENsCHàftEN, wIEN 2007, pp. 3-21; cHàptER 2 às F. SqUàR-CINI,Traditions against Tradition. Criticism, Dissent and the Struggle for the Semiotic Primacy of Veridiction, IN F. SqUàR-CINI (ED.),Boundaries, Dynamics and Construction of Tradi-tions in South Asia, FIRENzE uNIvERsIty PREss - MUNsHIRàm MàNOHàRlàl, FIRENzE - dElHI 2005, pp. 437-484; cHàptER 4 às F. SqUàRCINI, Nà mlECCHàbHāṣāṃ śIkṣEtà.On the au-thority of speech and the modes of social distinction through themEDIUmof language in classical India, IN c. GàlEWICz (ED.),Texts of power, the power of the text. Readings in textual authority across history and cultures, wyDàWNICtWO hOmINI, KRàkOW 2006, pp. 165-179. i WOUlD àlsO lIkE tO INfORm tHE REàDER tHàt àll tHE REf-ERENCEs tO tHEMānavadharmaśāstratàkEN fROm tHE àRE CRItICàl EDItION Of PàtRICk olIvEllE (2005), WHOm i WOUlD lIkE tO tHàNk fOR HàvINg gIvEN mE tHE OppORtUNIty tO CONsUlt àND UsE It bEfORE Its pUblICàtION. FINàlly, vàRIOUs pERsONs NEED tO bE mENtIONED HERE, sINCE tHEIR HElp àND gUIDàNCE Hàs bEEN DECIsIvE fOR tHE àCCOmplIsHmENt Of tHIs WORk: PIERO càpEllI, cRIstIàNO GROttàNEllI, alEssàNDRO GRàHElI, StEvEN LINDqUIst, Kà-RIN PREIsENDàNz, aNtONEllà rONDINONE, MàRINà rUstOW, FRàNCEsCO SfERRà, LàRà TàvàRNEsI, dàvIDE TOmbà, VIN-CENzO VERgIàNI.
Tradition, Veda and Law