Two Flutes Playing
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Two Flutes Playing



If you ever wondered if there's more to gay life than Grindr and Drag Race, Andrew Ramer's Two Flutes Playing is the book for you. Call it legend, myth, vision, dream, queer history, poem, or prophecy, Two Flutes Playing offers an instruction manual for creating spiritual-sexual integration and embodied love-blessings. Written in language meant to be spoken aloud and savored by the firelight of hearts engaged in the dance of intimacy, it belongs on every soulful gay man's bookshelf next to Rumi, Starhawk, and Walt Whitman.
Don Shewey, author of The Paradox of Porn: Notes on Gay Male Sexual Culture
When Two Flutes Playing was first published it was revolutionary: it offered gay men a spiritual mythology that gave deep meaning to their desire. For those of us who grew up with the shaming culture of Judeo-Christian teachings on same-sex love this book was profoundly healing. Now, more than twenty-five years later it is still revolutionary. In a time where gay marriage encourages assimilation, Two Flutes Playing celebrates what makes us different and honors the unique gifts gay men bring to humanity--gifts that are essential to the planet's healing. It helps us recognize and recover the ancient wisdom of our hidden tradition. It will take you on a transformative quest to the heart of your queer soul, where you will connect with the Love that lights our lives. 
Mark Horn, author of Tarot and Kabbalah: A 49-Day Path to Liberation
This book tells secrets. You may not be ready to hear them. I'm not sure I'm ready either. But the ancient-new wisdom in Two Flutes Playing can light a spark in your gay/queer/straight/wild soul.
Rabbi Jay Michaelson, author of The Gate of Tears: Sadness and the Spiritual Path



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Published 20 October 2020
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Two Flutes PLaying a SpirItual JouRneybook for GaY Men
Andrew Ramer witH forward by Mark hompson with a foreword by Mark Thompson
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TWO FLUTES PLAYING A Sîîuàl JôuéyôôK fô Gày Mé
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Table of Contents
Foreword by Mark Hompson Introduction to the 2020 Reprint Edition Introduction
Part One: Two Flutes Playing
He Spirit of Man Love Opening Old Gates Deepening Intothe Man-Womb
Part Two: Spiritual Love/Sacred Sex
AIDS and Global Consciousness Toward a Harmony of Gender and Sexuality He Challenges of Spiritual Manifestation Earth Ancestors Searching for Gay History Other Gay Realities AIDS and the Healing Process We Are Midwives for the Dying Redefini g the Sacred Sacred Sex/Spiritual Love How To Become a Virgin A Ritual for Two Men He Body Is the Doorway to Wisdom: Eight Access Patterns Love Is the Doorway to Transformation
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85 93
Part Three: Priests of Father Earth and Mother Sky
He Mysteries of Loving In the Temple of Father Earth and Mother Sky Living Our Priesthood in the World
Part Four: The Awakening of The JoyBody
Joy Is a Frequency Hat Permeates the Universe He Clans of Our History How To Begin To Become Everything Healing Your Wounds and Owning Your Power Tasting Joy in Your Body Two Men Together In the Temple of Your Daily Life: Eight Bonding Exercises Places To Go When You Come Meeting Our Tribal Ancestors He Angel of Our People How To Feel the Presence of Father Earth Liturgies for Mother Sky A Day of Blessing We Are Becoming Elders He Song of Two Flutes Together Tayarti’s Peace-Light Prayer Acknowledgments
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The Sin Of the Gay TrIbe àNd l'E ouR gîàNâ
The scou clan is in he Eas, he plaCe of air of mid of mOig ad spRing. the FLué pLayeR cLan is in He SOuh He pLacé OF waer he emoions of oOn and summé- the shaMan can is in he Wes he PàCe of fIRe he body of susé and auuMn e hune câ is in he NoRh hé pacé of éaRh anD ŝpiRi oF niGh and wineR
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