Vocation of Peace
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Vocation of Peace


186 Pages


This collection of articles and talks are some "personal favorites" of the late Gordon C. Zahn, a founder of the U.S. Catholic peace movement, and fondly known as the "dean of American Catholic pacifists." The theme of these essays is imbedded in the title of the book: All Christians have a vocation of peace, a call to serve the cause of peace and to obey the obligation to oppose war and any support or participation in war.

The first set of essays will challenge the reader to consider the role of conscience and the moral responsibility it holds for the Christian. The second set of essays presciently addresses issues that have become known as the "consistent ethic of life." The third set offers the examples of individuals or groups whom Zahn knew who lived out their vocation of peace. In this book, you will discover Gordon Zahn's continuing legacy: to help you discover your own vocation to peace!



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