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Wisdom literature, asserts the author, is grounded in the theological tradition of creation. For the Wisdom writers of Israel and early Judaism, God is the maker of heaven and earth, whose creativity both forms and sustains the world. The very nature of God is to create life, to sustain it, and to ensure that it flourishes. God's originating acts of creation and sustaining providence provide the basis for faith, worship, and ethics.
Leo G. Perdue grounds his reconstruction of the theology of Wisdom in the creation metaphors residing witin the language of the sages--metaphors that derive from Israelite creation traditions and the mythologies of the ancient Near East. He focuses on the differences and interactions between two sets of creation metaphors: those dealing with the creation of the world (cosmology), and those centering on the creation of humankind (anthropology).
The contemporary importance of the creation theology of Wisdom literature, says the author, is that it can move the church away from one-sided emphasis on salvation history and eschatology to a serious participation in environmental concerns and social justice.
Wisdom and Creation provides a thorough yet accessible discussion of the theological message of this important part of the Bible.



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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Wisdom & Creation The Theology of Wisdom Literature By Copyright©1994 by ISBN 13: 978-1-60608-022-1 Publication date 4/1/2009 Previously published by Abingdon Press, 1994
Preface to tHe Second ISSue
his vOlUmE ExpliCàTEs TE pRimàRy TEmE OF CREàTiON iN wisDOm liT-ERàTURE. I CONsiDERED, àND sTill DO, CREàTiON TO bE TE CENTRàl TEmE OF TE CàNONiCàl àND DEUTEROCàNONiCàl TExTs OF sàpiENTiàl wRiTiNgs iN TEsE TwO COllECTiONs. hE àppROàC I TOOk wàs pRimàRily à liTERàRy DEsCRipTiON OF TE TEmE OF CREàTiON iN EàC OF TEsE fivE bOOks. I àRgUED TàT TE sàgEs OF IsRàEl àRTiCUlàTED TEiR FàiT iN vàRiOUs gENREs: sTORy, pOEm, iNsTRUCTiON, àND sàyiNg, àND TàT TEy màDE UsE OF mETàpORs OF CREàTiON àND RETORiCàl sTRUCTURE TO sTimUlàTE TE imàgiNàTiON OF TOsE wO REàD àND EàRD TEiR TEàCiNgs. as is TRUE OF OTER COmpOsERs OF TEsE sàCRED TExTs, TE sàgEs DiD NOT mOvE iNTO à sysTEmàTiC FORmUlàTiON OF TEiR FàiT. hEy wERE pOETs àND sTORy-TEllERs, NOT sysTEmàTiC TEOlOgiàNs. fOR TE sàkE OF DEsCRipTiON àND àNàlysis, I COsE TO NàmE TEsE mETà-pORs àND DiviDED TEm iNTO TREE CàTEgORiEs: COsmOlOgy, àNTROpOlOgy, àND REàliTy (NàTURE àND UmàN CONsTRUCTiONs). fOR COsmOlOgy, I CONClUDED TàT TE màjOR mETàpORs wERE FERTiliTy, àRTisTRy, wORD, àND bàTTlE, wilE FOR àNTROpOlOgy I iDENTifiED TE mETàpORs OF biRT àND NURTURE, àRTisTRy, TE bREàT OF GOD, àND TE CONTRàsTiNg pàiR OF kiNg àND slàvE. fOR REàliTy, TE DO-miàNT mETàpORs wERE kiNgDOm, OUsEOlD, CiTy, àND gàRDEN. eàC OF TEsE, I àRgUED, pROvOkED TE imàgiNàTiON OF REàDER àND lisTENER TO CONsTRUCT mENTàl imàgEs TàT pROviDED TE bàsis FOR mEDiTàTiON, DEvOTiON, REflECTiON, wORsip, àND bEliEF. hE TREE bOOks OF TE JEwis CàNON—PROvERbs, JOb, àND QOElET —àDDREss ONly TE TEOlOgy OF CREàTiON, FOR iT is NOT UNTil BEN SiRà iN TE
Preface EàRly pàRT OF TE sECOND CENTURy àND TEN làTER TE WisDOm OF SOlOmON TàT CREàTiON is COmbiNED wiT TE màjOR EvENTs OF sàlvàTiON isTORy (TE àNCEs-TORs, ExODUs, SiNài, tORà, cOvENàNT, àND ENTRàNCE iNTO càNààN). BEN SiRà is TE fiRsT àmONg TE wisE TO mOvE iNTO à mORE COmpREENsivE TEOlOgiCàl pREsENTàTiON àND TUs OlDs TE sàmE plàCE àmONg TE sàgEs às DiD TE COm-pOsER OF SECOND Isàià àmONg TE pROpETiC TExTs. oF COURsE OTER TREàTmENTs OF TE sàgEs àND CREàTiON TEOlOgy àvE àppEàRED siNCE Tis ONE. I wROTE ONE OF TEsE TàT is à isTORiCàl TEOlOgy UsiNg isTORiCàl àND sOCiàl mETODs TO TRàCE TE DEvElOpmENT OF TE FàiT OF TE sàgEs wiTiN TEiR lOCàTiONs iN isTORy àND sOCiETy. I sTill TiNk Tis pREsENT vOlUmE,Wisdom and Creation, OwEvER, sTill às impORTàNT TiNgs TO sày iN REgàRD TO TE TEOlOgy OF CREàTiON iN wisDOm liTERàTURE. hE DEsCRip-TiON OF imàgiNàTiON, RETORiCàl sTRUCTURE, àND mETàpOR iN TE ExpREssiON OF sàpiENTiàl FàiT pROviDEs NOT ONly à wày TO RElàTE TO TE mORE COmpREENsivE TEOlOgy OF TE olD tEsTàmENT, bUT àlsO pOiNTs ONE wày TO TE CONTEmpO-RàRy ExpREssiON OF FàiT TàT àvOiDs TE spECifiCiTy OF CREEDs àND DOgmàTiC CONFEssiONs. ImàgiNàTiON, RETORiC, àND mETàpOR RECàpTURE à bibliCàl FàiT iN àll OF iTs DivERsiTy TàT àvOiDs TE DEbàTE àND CONTROvERsy EvOkED by CREEDàl CONFEssiONs. —LEO G. PERDUE ST. càTàRiNE’s cOllEgE, càmbRiDgE JUNE, 2008
. LEO G. PERDUE,Wisdom Literature: A heological History. LOUisvillE: WEsTmiNsTER/JON KNOx, 2007. 14