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World and Environment



Does the Bible have anything to say to the challenge of the environmental crisis? In a thorough and responsible investigation, Odil Hannes Steck examines this survival question in the light of biblical thought.
According to Dr Steck, although the Bible reflects a pre-industrial, pre-pollution world, certain fundamental biblical facts that embrace theological truths for our time can be extracted. Dr Steck does this expertly, demonstrating vividly the Old Testament worldview of man and nature closely linked in a divine order. He then discusses eight themes that relate this particular perspective to the basic environmental questions and problems of today. The remainder of the study reveals the New Testament's reinforcement of these concepts.
Dr Steck resolutely dispels the cold, indifferent view of man and nature held by much of the scientific community, and upholds the biblical truth that "God's creative activity takes place in the natural world and environment, as it has done from time immemorial and as it will continue to do until God brings his new world, opened up in Christ, to a full and ultimate consummation." The reader's reward is a much greater appreciation of God's work as Creator and Sustainer of the world.



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