You Belong to Christ
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You Belong to Christ


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You Belong to Christ explores the way that the Apostle Paul sought to form the social identity of one of his most important Christ-following communities. It sheds light on the way various social identities function within the Pauline community and provides guidance concerning the social implications of the gospel. Drawing from contemporary social identity theories as well as ancient source material, J. Brian Tucker describes the way 1 Corinthians 1-4 forms social identity in its readers, so that what results is an alternative community with a distinct ethos, in contrast to the Roman Empire and its imperial ideology. This book contends that previous identities are not obliterated "in Christ," but maintain their fundamental significance and serve to further the Pauline mission by means of social integration. Providing a comprehensive survey of Christian identity in Pauline studies as well as an interesting look into the material remains of Roman Corinth, this volume provides a social-scientific reading of 1 Corinthians 1-4, and argues that Paul's strategy was to form salient "in Christ" social identity in those to whom he wrote.



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You Belong o Cris
You Belong o Cris Paul and e Formaion of Social Ideniy in 1 Corinians 1–4
J. B T
YOU BELONG TO CRIST Paul and e Formaion of Social Ideniy in  Corinians –
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Tucker, J. Brian.
You belong o Cris : Paul and e formaion of social ideniy in  Corinians – / J. Brian Tucker.
Xiv + 332 pp. ; 23 cm. Includes bibliograpical references and indeX.
 13: 9781608996766
1. Bible. N.T.—Corinians, s, IIV—Criicism, inerpreaion, ec. 2. Bible. N.T.—Corinians, s, IIV—Social scienific criicism. 3. Group Ideniy—Biblical eacing. I. Tile.
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Inroducion /  he Applicaion of Conemporary heories of Social Ideniy /  Paul and e Formaion of Social Ideniy /  he Impac of Civic Ideniy in Roman Corin /  he Foundaion and Framework for Salien “in Cris” Social Ideniy /  he Lack of Salien “in Cris” Social Ideniy in Corin /  indrances and Soluions for a Salien “in Cris” Social Ideniy /  Social Ideniy Formaion: All Belong o God /  Paul’s Sraegy of Social Ideniy Formaion /  Conclusions / 
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   eXpress my sincere graiude o Dr. William S. Camp I bell, my docoral supervisor, menor, and friend during my sudies a e Universiy of Wales, Lampeer, UK. is graciousness, imeliness, and passion for Pauline sudies modeled for me e imporance of a life of balanced scolarsip and researc. Furermore, I would like o eXpress my ankfulness o Dr. Kay Erensperger, my secondary docoral supervisor for er insigful quesions, desire for evidence, and unfail ing suppor rougou my researc program. I would like o ank Dr. Andrew D. Clarke and Dr. Paul Middleon for eir recommendaions and criicisms, oug e sorcomings a remain are of course my own responsibiliy. I would like o ank Dr. K. C. anson and Dr. Cris Spinks a Wipf and Sock Publisers for eir advice in e preparaion of is manuscrip. I would like o ank my faculy colleagues a Moody heological Seminary–Micigan for eir criical dialogue and paien encouragemen. I would like o eXpress my graiude o Laura un for er ireless effors in bringing is manuscrip o compleion. I wan o ank my family for eir unwavering suppor. I love and appreciae my parens, Josep and Ann Tucker, for believing in me and elping me o fulfill God’s call on my life. To my sisers, Kimberly, Julie, and o bo of eir families, ank you for modeling Crislikeness in our relaionsip. I also wan o ank my four beauiful, inelligen, and godly daugers, Asley, AleXandria, Annaliese, and Abigail, for be ing amazing Crisfollowers, I love you all. Ricard and Carol Goode, ank you for all your suppor and for allowing me o be par of your life via marrying your dauger. And o Amber, you ave been amaz ing, indescribable, and e perfec parner wi wom o live, love, raise cildren, and serve e Lord. Your ard work, kindness, suppor, and eXcellen academic abiliies make you a rare combinaion and I ank God for you everyday Prov :–. I love you. J. Brian Tucker
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