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Nanotechnology is sweeping the world. This science of very small particles, which includes genetic modification and the reconfiguring of the arrangement of atoms, presents possibilities beyond imagination. It also has huge implications for all South Africans, especially at home.
How exactly is this new technology playing out in South Africa? In countries like India, nanotechnology is being supported as a source of income and innovation. It has the potential to improve both the human condition and a country’s productivity and competitiveness.
Is South Africa doing what it should and could to foster nanotechnology and biotechnology, and to advance bioeconomies within the country? And what does the new technology mean for us as consumers? How many of us know that this technology is already being employed in substances like suntan cream and lipstick, with potential health implications for users?
The application of nanotechnology poses risks as well as huge benefits, so we need to be particularly vigilant of the ethics and dangers of it. This book provokes discussion around these important topics and relays eyeopening information to those of us who thought all of this was sci-fi.



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Published 28 December 2018
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List of contributors
List of abbreviations
Introduction: The dynamics of new and emerging technologies in developing countries
and the new role of the state
– RRaaddhhiikkaa PPeerrrroott
Chapter 1: The advancement of nanotechnology: A sustainable development or an
untenable vision?
– Zamanzima Mazibuko
Chapter 2: Nanoscience, nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nanotoxicology in South
– Puleng Matatiele, Natasha Sanabria, Melissa Vetten & Mary Gulumian
Chapter 3: Envisioning and engaging the societal implications of nanotechnology: Is it too
early for Africa to do nanoethics?
– HHaaiilleemmiicchhaaeell TT DDeemmiissssiiee
Chapter 4: Diseases of poverty: Nanomedicine research in South Africa
– Thomas S Woodson
Chapter 5: Building a bio-economy in South Africa: Lessons from biotechnology
innovation networks in Taiwan
– Shih-Hsin Chen & Thomas S Woodson
Chapter 6: What can South Africa learn from high technology patents in India: An analysis
of biotechnology patents through USPTO
– Swapan Kumar Patra & Mammo Muchie
Chapter 7: The proliferation of stem cell research and therapy in South Africa and India: A
comparative study
– Shashank S Tiwari
Concluding remarks: Building the knowledge economy: Current strategies and
developments in South Africa
– ZZaammaannzziimmaa MMaazziibbuukkoo