DIY Sourdough
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DIY Sourdough


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60 Pages

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Your helping hand for adding simple, homemade, whole grain sourdough to your weekly schedule

  • Author's previous book, The Frugal Homesteader, sold over 2,000 copies. The Elderberry Book releases fall 2019
  • He is the founder of Whole Life Buying Club and the CEO of, an online workshop webinar for homesteaders
  • Well-known speaker at Mother Earth News Fairs and contributor to numerous magazines, including Growing for Market, Mother Earth News, Acres USA, and Wise Traditions
  • Author's talks on making sourdough, "Sourdough Baking in Just a Few Minutes a Day", are standing room only
  • Introduces sourdough starters, difference in flour, whole grains including spelt
  • Includes 18 to 24 simple whole grain recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • Pro tips featured in sidebars
  • Highly illustrated in full color with over 100 photos and illustrations
  • Differs from other sourdough recipe books by offering scheduling tips and tricks that allow the reader to include sourdough baking in a busy modern lifestyle
  • Recipes are straightforward and easy to follow
  • Easy-to-read reference. Interest in sourdough is growing as there is some evidence that sourdough baking reduces gluten intolerance
  • According to Mordor Intelligence, the global sourdough market is forecast to register a compound annual growth rate of about 6.9% through 2023
  • According to Global Data's recent survey, sourdough's unique flavor appeals to Millennials and Generation Z, 49% of whom like to try new and unusual flavors
  • Sourdough for busy people
  • Part of the Homegrown City Life series which targets this market
  • Selected to be in the Mother Earth Wiser Living series
  • New Society Publishers are committed to the highest environmental practices in the industry including: printing all their books in North America, on 100% post-consumer recycled FSC-certified paper, using vegetable-based, low-VOC inks; and offsetting their emissions to make all of their business operations carbon neutral and is proudly B Corp certified. Their books are so Green you could eat them!

Audience: Bakers, Millennials and Generation Z-ers, foodies, urban homesteaders, readers of The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking and other Homegrown City Life titles

Regional Interest: The Bay Area, Mother Earth News Fairs locations — Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kansas

Your helping hand for adding simple, homemade, whole grain sourdough to your weekly schedule

Real life is busy enough without having social media-worthy sourdough on your to-do list. But if your goal is to make simple, nourishing, and delicious whole grain sourdough for your whole family, then DIY Sourdough is your one-stop beginner's guide. Coverage includes:

  • Simple sourdough recipes for breads, snacks, and more
  • The secrets to consistent results
  • Tips and tricks for homemade sourdough, including flour buying, home milling, and sourdough starter
  • Homemade bread scheduling options, including split-day sourdough recipes for making sourdough an easy part of your weekly routine.

DIY Sourdough is your personal guide to getting started with sourdough. It gives you a helping hand to succeed and offers a simple time-saving approach to make nourishing and delicious sourdough that fits into a hectic lifestyle.

The Moody family has been making traditional foods, including fine-tuning sourdough recipes and making sourdough with grains, for over a decade. John Moody is author of The Elderberry Book, the founder of Whole Life Services and Whole Life Buying Club, and the former executive director of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Involved with farming, food, and homesteading, the Moody family of two old-timers and five rambunctious kids farms and homesteads on 35 acres in Kentucky.


How We Got into Sourdough
Why Sourdough?
Why Whole Grains?
Why We Recommend You Stick with Organic Grains and Flours
What You Need for Sourdough
Flour Buying Tips and Tricks
Grind Your Own Grains, Not As Hard As You Think
Grain-to-Flour Conversions
Home Milling Tips
     How Much to Mill at a Time
Why Spelt and Other Older Grains for Sourdough
Hey, Batter Batter! The Importance of Batter Consistency

1 Simple Sourdough Basics
A Simple Sourdough Schedule
     Starters Take time
How to Create Your Own Sourdough Starter
Simple Step-by-Step Instructions for Whole Grain Sourdough Starter
Maintaining Your Sourdough Starter
    Timing of Feedings and Finding Your Sourdough's Sweet Spot
    The Not-So-Uncommon Failed Sourdough Starter
    What to Do When You Need to Travel or Take a Few Days Off?
    The Need for a Backup Starter
    Waking Up Stored Starter
    Buying Starters
    Borrowing Starters

Common Problems that Cause Sourdough Consternation
House Too Hot, House Too Cold
Cross Contamination
Metal and Sourdough?
Too Sour
Not Enough Rise

2 Breakfast
English Muffins
Hell Hath No Pastry Like My Wife's Scones
Pancakes and Waffles
Zucchini Waffles
French Toast

3 Lunch
Irish Soda Bread/English Muffin Bread
    Rolling Crackers
    Scoring Crackers
Basic Crackers
    Beyond Basic Crackers
Artisan Spelt Bread

4 Dinner
What's the Difference Between a Biscuit, Roll, Muffin, and So Many Other Baked Goods?

5 Snacks and Special Treats
Basic Muffins
Blueberry Muffins
Cast Iron Skillet Cinnamon Rolls
Cream Cheese Frosting
Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Banana Bread

6 Resources and Sundry Matters
Kitchen Equipment
    Cast Iron
    Measuring Equipment
    Grain Mills
Online Resources
    Traditional Cooking School
    Cultures for Health
    Homemade Food Junkie

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