Creative past-times

Renewed interest in creative hobbies:

More and more books are published on the subject of creative leisure. In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in these plastic arts, which are often renewed and modernized. Discover all our references and draw ideas for original creations that are easy to make.

Leisure and creation for children

It is sometimes difficult to find an activity for children, especially during the holidays. If the bad weather prevents them from playing outside, there are creative hobbies to keep them calm and develop their dexterity and imagination.

Are you looking for varied ideas that are likely to please them and more original than the traditional cutting and coloring? Discover dozens of ideas and download the books that inspire you: pearl jewelry and creations, modeling clay, salt dough, decoration of all kinds of supports… Be creative!

Creative hobbies for adults

Do you like manual work? Be aware that they are by no means reserved for children and can prove to be economical. In addition to pearl jewelry or salt dough subjects, you can also create clothes using various sewing techniques, paint (acrylic, watercolor…), try sealing wax or even small carpentry (making jewelry boxes in wood…). Youscribe offers you all the ideas and techniques for original creative hobbies.

Scrapbooking, the trendy creative hobby

Scrapbooking consists in making an improved photo album, by decorating each page related to the theme of the photo (sticking a plane ticket to Tahiti next to a photo, fixing a few seashells all around and a Tiare flower…) . Thus, the spirit of the journey is retransmitted on each page.

You will find on our site works on scrpabooking, to give you ideas of original achievements.