Browsing Nature?s Aisles
108 Pages

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Browsing Nature?s Aisles


108 Pages

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  • With a growing list of “what not to eat” from the grocery aisle Wendy & Eric ask the question “What did our native ancestors who inhabited this area eat before civilization encroached?”
  • Will address five lesson they learned along the way: Procrastination leads to failure; Success means paying attention;, Rule of Thirds for Foragers; Know what grows where; Persistence and repetition are key

  • Wendy is the author of the popular NSP book Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs, and blogs at
  • Eric blogs at and he and Wendy have training in primitive skills, including wild foraging.
  • The book chronicles one suburban family’s adventures in wild foraging as they attempt to prove that even living in the suburbs, one can have an incredibly healthful and diverse diet with a combination of cultivated food and wild edibles.
  • Includes section on the foods they ate, why they wanted to forage and what they learned
  • Part memoir, part journal,this book is unlike other books on wild foraging in that its main focus is not plant identification but a life-lesson about why we should be eating these foods and how to find them in one’s own neighborhood
  • The kids get dragged along on the adventure and with faint memories of fast food and easy processed boxed stuff from the store Wendy and Eric have to convince their teenage daughters to eat plants that just had bugs crawling on it…and to enjoy it!

  • Part I: What we did

    This section will include a chapter on what the project was and will outline the goals we set for ourselves when we decided to make foraged foods a bigger part of our diet. There will also be chapters divided into groups of food we foraged, how we ate them, and how we preserved them (many of the foods we foraged did, ultimately, end up as stored foods, and learning to store food for the winter was a big part of the project).

    Chapter 1: Goals
    Chapter 2: Greens
    Chapter 3: Roots and Shoots
    Chapter 4: Berries
    Chapter 5: Gifts from the Trees
    Chapter 6: Fauna
    Chapter 7: Fungi

    Part II: Why we decided to start foraging

    This section will focus on our growing concerns about the safety, availability, and cost of grocery store food.

    Chapter 8: Food safety
    Chapter 9: Availability and Cost of food

    Part III: Life lessons we’ve learned from foraging

    Our foraging adventure wasn’t just about going out and finding food. It was about a lot of things, including changing our very definition of what food is. Not only did we have to learn about specific plants, but we also had to learn how to use those plants to nourish our bodies and how to prepare those plants into foods that would be both aesthetically appealing and palatable.

    Along the way, we learned some very important facts about the nature of food and of, well, nature. We live in a culture that has allowed us to become completely complacent about our food. We make a grocery list and then pick up what we need. As we learned, nature doesn’t work that way, and often, what one hopes to find isn’t there, and if it was there last week, it may not be next week.

    We learned five lessons and will discuss each one as it applied to our foraging efforts.

    Chapter 10: Procrastination leads to failure
    Chapter 11: Success means paying attention
    Chapter 12: Rule of Thirds for Foragers
    Chapter 13: Know what grows where
    Chapter 14: Persistence and repetition are key

    Part IV: How to get started

    This section will be a guide for other people who might be interested in getting started with foraging themselves.

    Chapter 14: Beginning Foraging

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