Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment




ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT is a volume on energy and environmental modeling that describes a broad variety of modeling methodologies, embodied in models of varying scopes and philosophies, ranging from top-down integrated assessment models to bottom-up partial equilibrium models, to hybrid models. Integrated into the discussion and examination are chapters covering:

The Sustainability of Economic Growth by Cabo, Martín-Herrán &amp., Martínez-García., Abatement Scenarios in the Swiss Housing Sector by L. Drouet et al., Support and Planning for Off-Site Emergency Management, by Geldermann et al., Hybrid Energy-Economy Models, by Jaccard., The World-MARKAL Model and Its Application, by Kanudia et al., Methodology for Evaluating a Market of Tradable CO2-Permits, by Kunsch and Springael., MERGE ? A Model for Global Climate Change, by Manne and Richels., A Linear Programming Model for Capacity Expansion in an Autonomous Power Generation System, by Mavrotas and Diakoulaki., Transport and Climate Policy Modeling in the Transport Sector, by Paltsev et al., Analysis of Ontario Electricity Capacity Requirements and Emissions, by Pineau and Schott., Environmental Damage in Energy / Environmental Policy Evaluation, by Van Regemorter.

Written for:
Researchers and students in engineering, as well as those academics working specifically in the area of environment and energy



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