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Games galore to download for all ages:

Video games or board games, the pleasure of sharing a moment of fun remains intact. Discover new games to download, glean tips to win your favorite games through the guide, learn the rules of new fun activities ... In short, become the master of the game!

Solitary games: let yourself be guided!

Are you often on public transport and looking for a way to pass the time? Do you find Sudoku out of fashion? Discover hundreds of games to put your neurons to the test!

Many guides offer games on letters, words, syllables, but also games on geometry, games of memory, logic ... There is something for everyone!

Lost game rule: don't panic!

That piece of paper that allows you to play a game of good practice has disappeared? Can't remember the number of cards to be dealt or the number of points to reach to win the game? The solution is on Youscribe!

A whole community of internet users has posted online presentations and rules of the game. Classic or new, you should find what you are looking for to reuse your favorite games.

Also share your game rules: it may even help you one day!

Children's games: stimulate their awakening!

Youscribe also offers content for children, to help them discover the activities they will carry out during their first years of school. Various playbooks are downloadable, for children of small, medium and large kindergarten section.

Introduce them in a fun way to the pleasure of cutting, coloring, labyrinths and discovering animals. Ideal for learning while having fun!