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Minecraft : 70 Top Minecraft House Ideas & Ultimate Top, Tricks & Tips To Ace The Game Exposed!


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Minecraft is a great game to play alone, but it gets even better if you do so with your friends. Whether you are on PvP (player versus player) mode where your goal is to be the last man - or in this case, the last Steve - standing, or you are just trying to create a "better" world compared to those made by your friends, it would be to your advantage if you take note of the special tips and tricks mentioned in this latest book: Minecraft: 70 Top Minecraft House Ideas & Ultimate Top Tricks & Tips To Ace The Game Exposed! (Special 2 In 1 Edition). From farming tips to how to swiftly take out the enemy, you'll find everything you need to know in this special edition book. In addition, Minecraft : 70 Top Minecraft House Ideas & Ultimate Top Tricks & Tips To Ace The Game Exposed! (Special 2 In 1 Edition), you will also learn how to build a lodge and fountain in Minecraft, using fully detailed blueprints and detailing every step in building fantastic houses. Enjoy and download the special 2 in 1 exclusive edition now!



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Published 17 December 2013
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Building Materials Idea #1 – Use Basic Materials for Aesthetic Appeal Idea #2 – Use Contrasting Colors and Other Elements Idea #3 – Use Materials for Their Functional Value Idea #4 – Judge Material Choice by Time and Available Material Idea #5 – Just Go Plain Crazy with Your Materials Idea #6 – Combining Functionality and Good Looks Chapter 2 - Decide on the Roofing Idea #7 – Stick to Roofing Basics Idea #8 – Flat Roof Leads to Towers Idea #9 – The Basic Sloped Roof Idea #10 – Half Steps with Overhangs Idea #11 – The Terrace: Combining a Sloped and Flat Roof Idea #12 – Gable Roof Idea #13 – Saltbox Roofing Idea #14 – Clerestory Roof
Idea #15 – Hip Roof
Idea #16 – Half Hipped Roof Idea #17 – Gull Wing Idea #18 – Dutch Gable Idea #19 – Skillion Roof Idea #20 – Gambrel Roof Idea #21 – Mansard Roof Idea #22 – North Light Roof Idea #23 – Monitor Roofs Idea #24 – Helm Roof Idea #25 – Butterfly or London Roof Idea #26 – Thatched Roofs Idea #27 – Conical Roof Idea #28 – Chinese Roofing Idea #29 – Stair Blocks Idea #30 – Half Slabs for More Modern Homes Idea #31 – Add a Spire Idea #32 – Domed Shape Roofs Chapter 3 - Work on Your House’s Interior Design Use a Blueprint to Build Your Interior Interior Elements to Think About Idea #33 – Half Blocks in Bathrooms Idea #34 – Black Wool for Gothic Effect