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Humor is an unstoppable weapon against gloom, boredom or even verbal attacks. It is particularly popular today, with the appearance of many comedians who seduce crowds unanimously. What if we take a little dip in humor?

Funny jokes and stories!

Florence Foresti and Gad Elmaleh make you laugh with laughter? To acquire a spread as funny as theirs and always have a good laugh, come and discover our downloadable content.

Like your favorite comedians, you will develop your cult expressions thanks to books entirely devoted to the funniest replicas and will also be able to get the bible of humor.

At the table with friends, at a party, or even in a meeting if you dare, you will have the last word, with humor!

Timeless jokes

On the bench of jokes that always make you laugh, find in a few clicks the essentials of jokes on blondes, on civil servants, on Belgians ... in hilarious condensed humor.

Also broaden your themes with school humor, the famous "your mother ..." or funny stories about politics, to bring a touch of madness to everyday life.

Are you more into black humor? We have not forgotten the masters in the matter, who offer you their darkest and most delirious stories.

The comic novel: a little known but hilarious literature

Do you want to take your immersion in the comic universe a step further? How about comic literature? The comic novel, if it is not very present in the media universe, it remains nonetheless very acclaimed by its followers.

From the comic novel of the 17th - 18th centuries with Don Quixote to the modern comic novel dealing with current affairs, there is something for everyone!