Just Like Mum Says
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Just Like Mum Says



¿Having a baby is like watching two very inefficient removal men trying to get a very large sofa through a very small doorway, only in this case you can¿t say, ¿Oh, sod it, bring it through the French windows¿¿ Victoria Wood
¿It¿s not easy being a mother. If it were, fathers would do it¿ Dorothy, The Golden Girls
Motherhood is a tough job and a serious business. Which means there's all the more reason to step back and see the funny side of it, and Just Like Mum Says is packed with humorous insights and wry observations on all matters maternal.
Tracing the course of mothering through pregnancy, the terrible twos, the teenage years and the empty nest, Just Like Mum Says includes wise and witty words from celebrated matriarchs from Marge Simpson to Sharon Osbourne, and Victoria Beckham to Victoria Wood.
In short, Just Like Mum Says amuses, delights, enlightens and touches the heart ¿ just like Mum.
'When my husband comes home, if the kids are still alive, I figure I¿ve done my job' Roseanne



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Published 26 February 2009
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Just Like Mum Says