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Pets: what you need to know before adopting them

Having a pet is a real commitment in terms of organization, finances and time management. Preparing for it well will help prevent problems and make your pet happy.

Learn about domestic animals?

Many people adopt or are offered an animal without real knowledge of the matter. What are the animal's needs? How long will he live? How to deal with it on a daily basis? Too often, the animal is given to someone else, or worse, abandoned, due to lack of time or want to take care of it.

To avoid these pitfalls, our site provides you with complete content in order to know everything about domestic animals that you would like to acquire, for yourself or for a third party.

Which pet to adopt?

An animal is not chosen only according to its wishes. You have to make sure that you will have time to take care of it, that your accommodation is adequate to accommodate it, that your budget is sufficient to feed it and have it treated. In addition, certain animals require specific infrastructure and knowledge (this is particularly the case for horses).

Youscribe offers many books on this subject, to find out which animal will best adapt to your environment.

Dog, cat, rabbit ... raising your pet well:

Have you just acquired a four-legged friend or are you about to adopt one? You have questions about the education to give him or want advice to make him happy and in good shape. In a few clicks, you will find a wealth of information: raising a cat in an apartment, training a dog, feeding a rabbit…

In addition to these books, children's books on animals are also downloadable.