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In 2007, this affectionate, easy-going breed finally made it to the top ten on the American Kennel Association's list of America's most popular dogs, capping a decade of rapid growth for the breed.



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Published 29 January 2009
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Contents Part I:The World of the Bulldog Chapter 1:What Is a Bulldog? English or American? The Bulldogs Physical Appearance The Bulldogs Character Bulldog Mythology Chapter 2:The Bulldog Yesterday and Today Origins of the Breed The Evolving Bulldog Bulldogs in North America The Bulldog Today How Popularity Harms BreedSpecific Legislation Chapter 3:The World According to Bulldogs Are You Ready for a Dog? The Pet Bulldog Problem Bulldogs If Bulldogs Could Choose Their Owners Chapter 4:Choosing Your Bulldog Breeder, Rescue, Shelter, or Free? Finding Your Bulldog Choosing Your Bulldog Puppy Puppy Temperament Test Choosing an Adult Bulldog
Part II:Caring for Your Bulldog Chapter 5:Bringing Your Bulldog Home Safety Is Important When to Bring Your Puppy Home Puppy Essentials Choosing Pet Professionals PuppyProofing Your Home Crate Training Chapter 6:Feeding Your Bulldog Nutritional Building Blocks Commercial Dog Foods Reading Dog Food Labels Homemade Diets Feeding Your Dog Five Mistakes to Avoid
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Chapter 7:Grooming Your Bulldog The Daily Ritual Bath Time Toenails Making Your Environment Flea Free Mouth and Gums Chapter 8:Keeping Your Bulldog Healthy Internal Parasites Spaying and Neutering Your Bulldog Common Health Problems Problems Particular to Bulldogs When to Call the Veterinarian How to Make a Canine FirstAid Kit
Part III:Enjoying Your Bulldog Chapter 9:Training Your Bulldog Understanding Builds the Bond Practical Commands for Family Pets Training for Attention Teaching Cooperation Chapter 10:Housetraining Your Bulldog Your Housetraining Shopping List The First Day Confine Your Pup Watch Your Pup Accidents Happen Scheduling Basics Appendix:Learning More about Your Bulldog Some Good Books Magazines Clubs and Registries On the Internet Index
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