Silver & Costume Jewelry Making : A Complete & Step by Step Guide


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Wearing jewelry is essential to helping women developed their own style. For women wishing to create a look that's unique, the last thing they'll want to invest money in is mass produced pieces of jewelry. It's for this reason alone, learning the skills needed for making silver and costume jewelry could prove extremely beneficial. When it comes to making such pieces you need to know where to purchase the right kinds of supplies. In this book, " Silver & Costume Jewelry Making: A Complete Step by Step Guide (Special 2 In 1 Edition)" not only do we discuss what's needed to start your own silver & costume jewelry making venture but also provide several projects you may want to try out. The actual process of turning a piece of silver into a piece of jewelry is not only very technical, but also allows your artistic side to flourish. Once you've finished making silver jewelry either for yourself or for someone else, it can prove extremely satisfying, especially as you watch the piece develop and grow. In addition, if you're someone who has an eye for fashion and enjoys making their own things, why not save yourself money by making your own costume jewelry. Even the simplest pieces of costume jewelry can be overpriced, so why spend money on such accessories when making them for yourself could save you a great deal of money. Of course when it comes to making your own jewelry there are certain things you need to consider before you do. The first thing you need to consider before you begin the process of learning how to make costume jewelry is what type you wish to make. The best way of determining what style of jewelry you want to make is to look through various magazines and see what's on offer in stores locally. It's also a good idea to gain inspiration for your costume jewelry designs by visiting museums or art galleries. You may even gain inspiration for your designs when out for a walk. For more tips and tricks, download " Silver & Costume Jewelry Making: A Complete Step by Step Guide (Special 2 In 1 Edition) " now!



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Published 16 December 2013
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Table of Contents
Part 1: Silver Jewelry Making
Chapter 1 – Tools You’ll Need for Making Silver Jewelry
Tool 1 – Pliers
Tool 2 – Jewelers Saw
Tool 3 – Files
Tool 4 – Ball Peen Hammer
Tool 5 – Soldering Torch
Tool 6 – Charcoal Block
Tool 7 – Dish And Borax Cone
Tool 8 – Binding Wire
Tool 9 – Titanium Soldering Stick
Tool 10 – Insulated Tweezers
Tool 11 – Vice
Tool 12 – Safety Goggles
Chapter 2 – Materials Needed For Making Silver Jewelry
Material #1 - Wire
Material #2 - Sheet Silver
Material #3 – Jewelry Clasps
Material # 4 – Jewelry Findings
Chapter 3 – Techniques You Need To Master When Making Silver Jewelry
Technique 1 – Preparing Dead Soft Wire
Technique 2 – Annealing Silver
Technique 3 – Melting Silver
Technique 4 – Soldering Silver
Technique 5 – Casting Silver
Technique 6– Creating Gemstone Settings From Tubing
Technique 7 – How To Bend TubingTechnique 8 – How To Hammer Silver
Chapter 4 – Some Projects To Try Out
Project 1 – Sterling Silver Hand Forged Hoop Earrings
Project 2 – Simple Drop Earrings
Project 3 – Sterling Silver Ring
Project 4 - Diamond Drop Necklace
Project 5 – Wild Orchid Evening Necklace
Project 6- Sterling Silver & Gem Flower Necklace
Chapter 5 – Silver Costume Jewelry
Part 2: Costume Jewelry Making
Chapter 6 – Tools Needed For Making Costume Jewelry
Tool 1 – Round Nose Pliers
Tool 2 – Flat Nose or Chain Nose Pliers
Tool 3 – Wire or Side Cutters
Tool 4 – Crimping Pliers
Tool 5 – Awl
Tool 6 – Hammer
Tool 7 – Scissors
Tool 8 – Tweezers
Tool 9 – Measuring Stick and Measuring Tape
Tool 10 – Bead Board
Tool 11 – Beading Needles
Tool 12 – Adhesives
Tool 13 – Wire Jig
Chapter 7 – Materials Needed For Making Costume Jewelry
Material 1 – Jewelry Wire
Material 2 – Beadalon
Material 3 – Cord And Thread
Material 4 – BeadsMaterial 5 – Jewelry Clasps
Material 6 – Jewelry Findings
Chapter 8 – Where To Buy Equipment And Materials For Making Costume Jewelry
Place 1 – Hobby And Craft Store
Place 2 – eBay
Place 3 – Online Jewelry Supply Stores
How To Go About Purchasing Material And Equipment For Making Costume Jewelry On
A Budget
Types Of Costume Jewelry
Chapter 9 – Tips To Get Started Making Costume Jewelry
Finding Inspiration For Making Costume Jewelry
Tips To Help With Making Costume Jewelry A Lot Easier
Chapter 10 – Some Projects For Making Costume Jewelry You May Want To Try
Project 1 – Lampwork Bracelet
Project 2 – Amethyst Link Bracelet
Project 3 – Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet
Project 4 – Chain Drop Earrings
Project 5 – Winter White Pearl & Glass Earrings
Project 6 – Chunky Lava Bread Wire Wrapped Pendant & Chain
Project 7 – Chunky Funky Heart Necklace
ConclusionI n t r o d u c t i o n
In the early days of human history, jewelry has been used primarily to keep clothing or
hair in place. Back then, jewelries were simple pieces of metal and beads woven or meld
together. Early traders also used jewelry as a means to exchange goods. European
explorers once used gold and gemstones to buy spices in the islands of the Pacific. Over
time, more intricate designs were developed.
From purely functional purposes, jewelries became indicators of social status. Jewelries
were also used as a symbol of religious (such as the crucifix or the rosary) or cultural
affiliation. Jewelries are also worn as protection against evil spirits, such as in the case of
amulets and magical wards.
Jewelry may have been initially developed for purely functional purposes, but today, they
are used as a fashion accessory. Women nowadays wear them to make a fashion
statement or to highlight certain physical aspects. When wearing jewelry, a woman not only
displays her confidence and beauty but also her uniqueness.
As more and more women wear jewelry, more jewelry makers opted to mass-produce
certain designs. If a woman wants to wear unique jewelry, she either has to buy the
expensive ones custom-made for them or they make their own.
Creating your own pieces of jewelry is pretty easy so long as you have the patience to
learn the craft and the creativity to come up with your own designs. You might get
discouraged at the start, especially if you observe that some jewelry have complex designs.
Do not lose heart though.
This 2 in 1 exclusive edition on silver and costume jewelry making is offered to those who
want to make their own pieces of jewelry but do not know how. The basic methods here are
ideal for beginners who want to learn various tips and techniques for making their own
jewelry, specifically silver and costume jewelry. Note that some of the techniques in silver
jewelry can also be applied in making costume jewelry, so if you are planning to make both,
you would find the information here pretty useful.
The first part of the book discusses in detail the methods and various factors to consider
when making silver jewelries. The first chapter will give you information about which tools to
buy to get started. The second chapter describes the materials you need in making silver
jewelry, as well as tips on where and when to buy the primary material: silver. The basic tips
and techniques are presented, and there would be some sample projects for you to workon.
The second part of the book discusses costume jewelry making in detail. Costume
jewelries are quite popular these days because they are stylish and quite cheap. Because
of the number of materials that can be incorporated in costume jewelry, there are virtually
unlimited options in design. The first chapter of the second part describes the tools that you
need for costume jewelry making. The next chapters include a discussion on the materials
needed and the different techniques used for working on costume jewelry. The last part
includes sample projects that a beginner like you could work on for practice.
Making your own jewelry allows your artistic side to flourish. While some techniques can
be a bit technical and complex, the outcome is usually worth it. Creating your own jewelry
could boost your self-confidence, enhance your creativity and enable you to showcase your
uniqueness, so you may want to try your hand in jewelry making as soon as you can.Part 1: Silver Jewelry MakingChapter 1 – Tools You’ll Need for Making Silver
As you’ll soon discover there are certain specialist tools needed for making jewelry from
silver you wouldn’t need for making other items of jewelry. Not only do we take a look at
these but also the other general tools required for making not only silver jewelry but general
items of jewelry as well.
Tool 1 – Pliers
There are several different types of pliers needed to make silver jewelry.
Flat Nose or Chain Nose Pliers
These are pliers you need for holding pieces with as well as for bending and forming the
silver into a variety of different shapes and styles.
Round Nose Pliers
Without these pliers you will find it very difficult to create curves or circles. Plus like the
flat nose pliers these can be used for bending wire.
Half Round Pliers