Marathon: The Ultimate Guide to Become a Faster, Stronger Runner with a Complete Marathon Training Program


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Are you a long distance runner who wants to be even better at what you do?
Do you want to train and compete in a Marathon in the near future?
Do you want the best advice that is available and be better than ever before?
Running a Marathon is a commitment that requires plenty of training, a good deal of stamina and a certain mindset that not everyone has. Developing into a runner who can take on such a gruelling distance takes time and most people need some help along the way, if they are ever to see that finish line.
In this new audiobook, Marathon: The Ultimate Guide to Become a Faster, Stronger Runner With a Complete Marathon Training Program, you will find the help you need, with chapters that cover:
- Should You Sprint?
- Sprinting Faster
- Marathon Basics
- Getting Your Breathing Right
Marathon running isnt for everyone, but once you have mastered many of the basics to it, you will be ready to make your first attempt at one and with the preparation tips and advice that are inside Marathon: The Ultimate Guide, you’ll be ready sooner than you think.
Get a copy now and start your Marathon preparation today!



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Published 16 January 2020
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