Parkour and the Art du déplacement
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Parkour and the Art du déplacement



Parkour, the art of displacement, or freerunning—whatever the name, this new discipline born in the Paris suburbs is rapidly being adopted by people throughout the world. Not satisfied to suffer through urban life, these athletic artists or artistic athletes want to thrive in it, all the while earning dignity by daringly reappropriating three fundamental motor skills: running, jumping, and climbing. Vincent Thibault explores the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the art of movement and offers ideas on health, sports, urban living, and the relationship between the body and the environment. Reflecting on the culture of effort, he also avoids the misguided notion that depicts parkour as just another of those elitist extreme sports, instead providing a thoughtful, lyrical adventure into martial arts and chivalry in an urban setting.



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Vincent Thibault
PARKOUR and the Art du déplacement , , 
Translated by Casey Roberts Extrait de la publication
PARKOUR and the Art du déplacement
Extrait de la publication
Vincent Thibault
PARKOUR and the Art du déplacement , , 
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Foreword Inroducion Noe from e AuorI. Definiions II. Redefining Freedom III. Finding e Magic in Everyday Life IV. For a Culure of Effor V. Environmen and Social Skills VI. Facing Fears VII. Ego Traps VIII. To Be and o Las IX. Alone in e Jump X. Compassion and Courage XI. Humour and Wisdom XII. Expand your Horizons and Conribue  o e Discipline
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APPENDICES Appendix 1: Parkour and Web 2.0 Make sure no o ge caug in e web Appendix 2: he Values of Freerunning According o Sébasien Foucan and Freerunning Academy Appendix 3: he “Yamak” Spiri as defined by e Yamakasi and ADD Academy Noes Bibliograpy Abou e Auor
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To Câu, my menor, friend and broer.
“[In our ime], assering an ar of living benevolenly—a is, free of all moralism suc as e senimenaliy of good feelings— is our bigges callenge. Our mos necessary as well.”(rans.)
 * Fabrice Midal,La Voie du Cevalier
* Noes and references may be found a e end of e book.
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Extrait de la publication