Teach Yourself VISUALLY Handspinning

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Handspinning


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With its soothing, meditative effect, handspinning is a relaxinghobby, and the beautiful yarns you create are an even betterreward. This visual guide shows you the basics, beginning with thetools and fibers, and takes you through spinning, plying, makingnovelty yarns, using exotic fibers, dyeing, and more. Whether youuse an inexpensive hand spindle or splurge on a spinning wheel,stick with wool or try alpaca, cashmere, or cotton, you'll learnhow to create fun, original, one-of-a-kind yarns that you can knitor weave into truly unique, handmade, and all-naturalcreations.

Concise two-page lessons show you all the steps to a skill andare ideal for quick review

  • The skill demonstrated is defined and described
  • Detailed color photos demonstrate each step

  • Step-by-step instructions accompany each photo

  • Helpful tips provide additional guidance



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Chapter 1. Why Spin?
Why We Spun Then.
Why We Spin Now.
Chapter 2.Spinning Tools.
Hand Spindles.
Spinning Wheels.
Spinning Wheel Accessories.
Maintain Your Wheel.
Processing Tools.
Chapter 3. Spinning Fibers.
Types of Fibers.
Protein Fibers.
Cellulose Fibers.
Specialty Fibers.
Start a Stash.
Prepare the Fiber.
Chapter 4. Start Spinning.
A Spinner’s Hands.
Spin on a Hand Spindle.
Spin on a Wheel.
Chapter 5.Types of Spinning.
Worsted Spinning.
Woolen Spinning.
Spin a Slub Yarn.
Draft a Bouclé Yarn.
Finish Your Yarn.
Chapter 6.Ply Your Yarn.
Why Ply?
Prepare to Ply.
Make a Two-Ply.
Make a Three-Ply.
Troubleshooting .
Chapter 7.Make a Cabled Yarn.
What Is a Cabled Yarn?
Why Cable?
Cable with a Hand Spindle.
Cable with a Spinning Wheel.
Different Types of Cables.
Chapter 8.Spin Novelty Yarns.
What Is a Novelty Yarn?
Color Variations.
Textured Yarns.
Garnetted Yarns.
Encased Yarns.
Chapter 9. Spin Exotic Fibers.
Alpaca and Llama.
Angora Rabbit.
Bast Fibers: Flax, Hemp, and Ramie.
Down Fibers: Camel, Dog Hair, and Cashmere.
Goat Fibers: Mohair and Pygora (Type A).
Silk: Cultivated, Tussah, and Novelties.
Wild Fibers: Bison and Qiviut.
Chapter 10. Spin with Color.
Introduction to Dyes.
Set Up a Dye Space.
Prepare the Fiber for Dyeing.
Color in the Dye Pot.
Novelty Dye Techniques.
Spin for Color.
Spin Carded Color.
Chapter 11. Use Your Handspun.
Knit with Handspun.
Weave with Handspun.
Appendix A: The Spinning Community.
Appendix B: Spinning Reference Materials.
Glossary of Handspinning Terms.