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Travel guide, a summary of monuments and tourist sites not to be missed:

The trip: what happiness! But to be able to truly enjoy it once there, it is preferable to prepare it in advance, through travel guides. Youscribe provides you with the ideal content!

Travel: which country to visit?

Are you heavy with work, tired and want to go on vacation, but have no idea where to go? Our site offers documents, books and guides to consult or download to discover all the countries and choose the destination that best interests you.

You can also find advice books for specific trips or destinations: transport by plane, trip to tropical countries, or even a guide to go around the world!

The main monuments to see by country

If you go on vacation, even "backpacker" with the bag on your back, some panoramas and tourist sites are essential. The historic places on which the most beautiful capitals were built, the main monuments which alone symbolize a city or a country, some postcard landscapes, breathtaking ...

To organize your trip, download the guide which will make you discover the unmissable monuments of each country, to keep extraordinary memories.

Traveling through a novel

Passionate about literature and travel enthusiasts, combine your hobbies by reading one of our many downloadable novels. Immerse yourself in the story of a character and discover a distant land through his pen and his adventures. The miracle recipe for traveling while staying at home!

To read also, to fully enjoy your trip: anti-travel guides, to find the authentic spirit but in an unconventional way.