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Best of Martinique 2016 Petit Futé (with photos, maps + readers comments)


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Edition for English-speaking people looking for the best addresses and good deals in Martinique, the Petit Futé "Best of Martinique" is an essential guidebook to find an accommodation, a restaurant, to organize your visits, outings and shopping in the region. A selection of addresses gathering the must-sees as the hidden treasures for a successful stay. Welcome to Martinique !



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Published 07 November 2015
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Best of
www .avis-antilles.frPUBLISHING
Collection Directors And Authors:
Dominique AUZIAS and Jean-Paul LABOURDETTE
Edition Manager: Isabelle DREZEN W elcome
Authors: Eileen GIACOLETTO, Corinne DAUNAR,
Mélanie CARPENTIER, Marie Isabelle CORRADI, Yaissa
BOLIVAR-ARNAUD, Faubert BOLIVAR, , Jean-Paul to Martinique !
LABOURDETTE, Dominique AUZIAS and alter
Publishing Director: Stéphan SZEREMETA
France Publishing: François TOURNIE, Perrine
GALAZKA, Talatah FAVREAU, Bénédicte PETIT «Madinina», the flower island, here is the visiting
World Publishing: Patrick MARINGE, Caroline card of this island with appearances of paradise. MICHELOT, Morgane VESLIN, Pierre-Yves SOUCHET,
Heavenly beaches, generous sun, lush nature: Leena BRISACQ
Martinique will not fail to offer you what you’ve STUDIO
always dreamt of... And behind this postcard Studio Manager: Sophie LECHERTIER
assisted by Romain AUDREN image, this beautiful island reveals incredible
Layout: Julie BORDES, Élodie CLAVIER, Sandrine
richness. Come during the five days of the Carnival MECKING, Delphine PAGANO, Laurie PILLOI and
Hugues RENAULT and enjoy the swing of dance, mix with the colours
Pictures Management And Mapping: Audrey LALOY and taste enthusiasm. In August discover a unique
WEB event: the regatta of skiffs. Unmissable island of
Web Director: Louis GENEAU de LAMARLIERE
the Caribbean, La Martinique, is a festival with a Web Technical Director: Lionel CAZAUMAYOU
Web Management And Development: guaranteed change of scenery. No matter what
Jean-Marc REYMUND, Cédric MAILLOUX, attracts you: forests, water activities, museums, Florian FAZER and Anthony GUYOT
Community Manager : Cyprien de CANSON rum distilleries, peaks and mountains, azure sea or
restaurants on the waterfront, you will be delighted PUBLICITY TEAM
Publicity Director: Caroline CHOLLET even in your dishes. Because here, the cuisine is
Local Publicity Responsible: Michel GRANSEIGNE delicious and tasty. You will taste acras, the dog Customer Relationship Management:
Vimla MEETTOO and Sandra RUFFIEUX sauce, fresh mango, lobster and crayfish! Delicately
National Publicity Responsible: Aurélien spiced recipes that is passed from generation to
generation. Another nearby, and not the least, of Advertising Managers: Caroline AUBRY, François
BRIANCON-MARJOLLET, Perrine DE CARNE MARCEIN, this beautiful island: its neighbour islands. You
Caroline GENTELET, Florian MEYBERGER, Caroline
are close to Sainte-Lucie, Saint-Vincent and the PREAU
Grenadines. The splendours of the antilles arch.
Coconut trees, white sand and clear water british Advertising Managers: Jean-Marc FARAGUET,
Guillaume LABOUREUR, assistés d’Elisa MORLAND version! If you need to stay a few days or surf here:
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an exuberant nature and a bunch of shapes and DIFFUSION ET PROMOTION
Sales Director: Bénédicte MOULET assisted by colours. What are you waiting for? 1,128 mi ² of
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SAS with a capital of 1 000 000 E - To call Martinique from abroad : RC PARIS B 309 769 966
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For the letters to the editor: info@petitfute.comContents
Saint-Pierre .........................................91 INVITATION
Le Precheur98
The extras of Martinique ........................8 THE INTERIOR
Practical information ............................ 10
Ideas for your trip ................................. 12 NORTH
How to get there?16 The Interior North ...............................102
Fonds-Saint-Denis .............................102
The North Interior ............................ 103 GOURMET
Morne-Rouge ..................................... 104
MARTINIQUE Ajoupa-Bouillon .................................107
La montagne Pelee ............................108Gourmet Martinique .............................. 24
CARIBBEAN Martinique in 25 key words .................34
Overview of Martinique ........................38 South Caribbean .................................110
Geography ...........................................38 Trois-Îlets ........................................... 110
Climate ................................................ 39 Les Anses d’Arlet ...............................135
Environment- ecology .......................... 40 Le Diamant ........................................ 146
National parks......................................40 Sainte-Luce .......................................153
History ................................................... 42 Rivière-Pilote .....................................161
Politics and economy ...........................43 Le Marin ............................................163
Arts and culture .................................... 45 Sainte-Anne 173
Festivities .............................................. 48
AND IT'S The Atlantic coast ............................... 186
Le Vauclin ..........................................186SURROUNDINGS
Saint Esprit ........................................190
Fort-de-France and its surroundings ..52 Le Francois 191
Fort-de-France ..................................... 52 Le Robert ........................................... 197
The surroundings of Fort-de-France ..... 70 Gros-Morne .......................................201
Le Lamentin ...................................... 70 Saint Joseph ...................................... 202
Ducos ...............................................74 La Trinité ............................................ 203
Rivière-Salée ....................................76 Presqu’Ile de la Caravelle ................... 204
T artane ...........................................204
Morne-des-Esses ............................... 209 NORTH CARIBBEAN Sainte-Marie ...................................... 209
North Caribbean .................................... 80 The Marigot .......................................212
Schœlcher ...........................................80 Le Lorrain ..........................................213
Case-Pilote ..........................................84 Basse-Pointe .....................................213
Bellefontaine ........................................ 86 Macouba ............................................ 213
Le-Morne-Vert .....................................86 Grand-Rivière 214
Le Carbet ............................................. 87 Index ...................................................2164
Pointe du
Pointe Ténos
Havre de
la Trinité
Rade de
Baie du Galion
0 6 km
Havre du Robert 5
Aéroport de
Pointe des Nègres
Fort-de-France / Lamentin
Pointe du Bout
Morne Bigot
450 m.
les Saintes
Pointe des
Grenade 6
The tropical forest. Saline Beach.
Before leaving for fishing.
Grand Riviere ‘s
fishing port
© AUTHOR’S IMAGEThe extras
of Martinique
storms, depressions or hurricanes often A heavenly destination
occupy the fronts of the stage.In Martinique, beach and sea are always within
reach. There are no less than 200 varieties A convenient islandof sand on this island. With Black Handle,
Martinique is a French overseas depart-Céron, Trabeau, Cap Macré, the Salines,
ment. It presents daily many advantages: picture hunters and lovers of sports will not
same currency, same language, same level be disappointed. And if ever, the sea and its
of health (fresh medical reimbursed by the many assets bores you, the lush vegetation
Social Security...). Note that, in the decentrali-of Martinique wil offer you to stroll around for
sation, the constitutional reform project aimed the pleasure of the senses.
for the changing of the articles 72 to 74 title
A pleasant climate throughout (XII) to ensure the island a wider autonomy
was rejected by referendum.the year
Here, the climate is tropical, hot and humid. If An easy trip to organizethere are two seasons: the Lent (hot and dry
You can manage it perfectly by yourself, and stretching from December to May) and winter
therefore arrange your stay easily. You just (wetter that lasts from June to November),
need to find a flight and accommodation the weather rages with temperatures with an
corresponding to the airport (live, by Internet or average of 27 °C. The rain never lasts long,
agency). There is no organised public transport and the heat is not excessive there. So there
(except for the town of Fort-de-France). You is no «ideal» period for leaving, only that in
September and October, you will have the must have a car and a road map. You will find
island for yourself. Caution: from the end many excursionists and suppliers, inter-island
of August to at the end of October, tropical flights, supermarkets and grocery stores.
Back fishing.
A historical and cultural heritage - THE EXTRAS OF MARTINIQUE 9
you to discover the english speaking islands An island with multiple facets
(cultures and atmospheres): Sainte-Lucie, in With its 1 128 mi ², Martinique has multiple
the south, fifteen minutes by plane or 1 hour facets. In the south, you find many coves
30 boat; Grenadines, further south, with their with the beautiful white sandy beaches and
heavenly beaches; Dominique, in the north, the seaside attraction overrides the rest. In
with its rivers and its Rasta; and, east of the north, the Pelée mountain stands proudly.
the antilles arch, Barbados, offering all the The road leading from Schœlcher to Precheur
facilities of an island for tourist trips.overlooks steep cliffs. The coast reveals black
sand beaches, remains of the eruption of A historical and cultural heritagemount Pelée. In the east, the strongly
The island does not lack resources on this rugged landscape is ideal for green tourism.
level. Creole museums, distilleries, gardens, Facing the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean,
homes tell you about its rich and compex the north-east coast, known as the «coast
history. You can also easily explore the paths in the wind», is rough (except some beaches
too busy to stop, drink and chat in accessible in the South).
towns. On the roadside, if you sometimes think
Ecotourism booming your lost, there is always someone to come
and say hello, another to help you. Music Green tourism is booming in Martinique. The
is everywhere. The «ragga» and the «zouk aquatic fauna with mask, fins and snorkel;
lovers» will follow the round. mangrove in kayaking, visit the domaine de
During the carnival, a general jubilation L’emeraude or the volcano house, botanical
seizes, for five days, all cities of the island. gardens, hiking, canoeing, horse riding,
Dare follow the «vidés», these splendid sailing... ecotourism has fine days in front
processions, settling of the carnival that the of him on these magnificent landscapes. With
its eclectic coasts, its rich and varied seabed, population follows with heat while swaying
its tropical forest, its steep paths, rivers and to the sound of rhythms. Another image of
waterfalls: nature is displayed generously. «Epinal-en-Caraïbe», the ti-punch is a real
ritual of the caribbean life, to which you’ll
A privileged tourist location sacrifice yourself willingly, preferably in a glass
Martinique is located in the heart of the west struck bearing the effigy of great distilleries
indies arch. This interesting location allows named after the old creole families.
Marie (19 528 res), Saint-Joseph (18 000 res), Money
Ducos (17 000 res).We are in France, so the euro is the local
currency. Population
w Banks. Most French banks have branches
w Population: estimated at 403 355 inhabi-in Martinique. Ask your agency to give
tants in 2012.you the closest agency of your place of
accommodation. Credit cards are accepted w Density: 356 hab/km ², stronger density
everywhere. American express is also very of the four DOM.
present on the island. w Official language: French.
w Budget. Prefer a «package» formula w Regional language: Creole.
including the flight and accommodation,
w Main religion: Catholicism.if your budget is tight; some E700 to
E1,200 according to the season. The trip a Economy
la carte is more expensive, not less than
w Rough GNP/inhabitant: E21,131 (estimate E1,500 for a week (flight + hotel + car).
Destination in short w Total GNP: 8.3 billion euros (2011 estimate).
w Leading vendors: Metropolitan France, The island
European Union, Latin America.
w Size: 1,128 mi ² (according to the Issuing w Unemployment rate: 20.8 % (estimate
House of the overseas departments, the 2011).
Telephonew Status: overseas department (DOM) since
March 19th, 1946. w Telephone code: +596.
w Prefecture: Fort-de-France (34 cities in w Telephone information: 118 218 or
all). 118 712.
w Major cities: For t-de-France w Mobile phones work well. An advice
to our readers however: be careful with your (94 000 residents, is the most populated city of
bill when you are in the Caribbean! The system Martinique), Le Lamentin (40 000 residents),
Le Robert (24 146 res), Schœlcher of roaming can be very expensive. Explanation:
(21 863 res), Le François (20 000 res), Sainte- your metropolitan mobile operates in the West
Which accomodation formula to choose?
Visitors staying for the first time in Martinique generally choose a classic hospitality.
Indeed, the tour operators include the destination with the flight and accommodation.
However, the hotel residences with small equipped kitchen is the most popular formula.
Finally, the seasonal rentals complete the range of possibilities: from studio to family
The cottages and guesthouse are also expanding. Respect of environment and invitation
to green tourism are the spearheads of this new type of rental services including a big
rise of quality.INVITATION TO TRAVEL
Seasonal variations - PRACTICAL INFORMATION 11
(if you have the proper subscription), but is never absent long. There are however
remember that all calls (entering and retiring) two seasons:
are charged to you! The best solution is to w The hot and dry Lent lasts from December
buy at your arrival (if you have the intention to May, knowing that from February to April,
of often using your mobile) a mobile kit with the island goes through a period of great
prepaid card. drought. The sunshine is then at its peak. The
temperature in this season varies between To reach someone
27°c and 34°.
w Landlines. All landlines (ten digits) start w The hivernage, which stretches from June
with +596. to November, is more humid. The cyclone
w Mobile numbers. All the numbers start risk is stronger from the end of August to
with +696. the end of October.
The island is constantly swept by sea breeze
w To call Martinique from France. from the east and the North-East, the heat is
Simply dial 10 figures without dialing the never excessive there. Halfway between the
00 or the international code. Tropic Of Cancer and Ecuador, the island on
w To call the mainland from Martinique. the other hand is subject to a high humidity
Simply compose the 10 figures. It is not rate. Abundant rains complement the heights
necessary to dial the 00 33. Martinique of north constantly, where the temperatures
is France! can drop slightly. The record of cold
established in 1965 defers 12°C to Fonds-Saint-w To call foreign land from Martinique. Dial
Denis and 8°C on the summit of mount pelée. 00 for the international then the code of the
But these figures are quite rare.country you want to have then the number.
w To call Martinique from abroad. Dial Seasonal variations
00 ( +) to have international then the If, in certain regions, there are also two, or
596 (international code of Martinique) then three seasons, it is difficult to distinguish them
the number of your corespondant. ( without here. We prefer employing the term «period».
the 0 )
w From December to the end of April, it is
the «high season»: tourists flock and rates Jet lag
of tour operators increase.5 hours difference with France during winter.
6 hours during the summer. In January, when w From May to the end of November,
it is 18: 00 in Paris, it is 13: 00 in Martinique. the «off season» period: the European
In July, when it is 18: 00 in Paris, it is 12: holidaymakers sort of ignore the destination
00 in Martinique. insofar the sun is present in Europe. The
prices are lower starting from the end of Formalities April until mid-December, enjoy! Avoid,
For European Union citizens, an identity card however, to plan a cruise on a sailboat in
is enough to go to Martinique. However, for the September, because it is the month when
english islands (Sainte-Lucie, Saint-Vincent you have the most risks to meet a tropical
and Grenadines...) a valid passport is required. storm or even a cyclone!
For the Canadians, Americans , a passport
w Summer holidays represent is sufficient. You do not need a visa for stays
the «intermediate seasons»: summer holidays of less than 30 days.
allow the West-Indians in metropolis to visit Children have a personal ID or appear on
the country. It is often difficult to find a rental the parents ID. Miners traveling alone must
car and plane tickets are expensive (especially present an authorisation of leaving the
if you prepare at the last minute). Also note territory established by the parents.
that in July and, above all, in August it is very
Weather hot and more humid, it rains more often but
still remains pleasant.Martinique enjoys a pleasant hot and humid
Travelling out of times of great attendances, tropical climate.
The average temperature is 26°C. With we recommend you May and June, October
3,000 hours of sunshine annually, on the and November: the climate is pleasant and
plains and the coasts of the south, the sun at low prices.Ideas
for your trip
The French West Indies lend themselves ideally estimated that the following the arrival, it is
to family holidays (with or without children the phase of awareness and the last day is
or friends. The elderly, athletes and lovers reserved for storage, remain you only five
of ecotourism are not left out. It takes at days full to discover the island.
least ten days to fully enjoy your trip, but a By considering these parameters, we advise
fortnight seem to us the ideal option. However, you to target your needs and to choose a
the package mostly offered remains the week geographical area of stay accordingly. If you
package. To be avoided if you suffer from jet like the beach, the quiet coves and water
activities, go to the South of the island. If lag (5/6 hours).
you like hiking, mountain and eco-tourism, w Public transport is still insufficient
North (or interior is preferable). La Martinique despite the timid arrival of TCSP, thus it is
is certainly an island, but you still can visit essential to rent a car. The positive aspect is
many attractions. Which is more, the road independence: regardless of the hotel that
running the North-South dessert is often traffic you choose, you can move according to your
around Fort-de-France, which increases in a desires, without being obliged to stay on
substantial way times of your trip.the seafront.
Here is an example of stay that allows you to
w Unlike the traditional seaside resorts enjoy Martinique. We leave the principle that
(Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey), the you stay in the South of the island
(Sainteconcept of distance does not exist. The only Luce or Le Diamant).
city is Fort-de-France. The crowds refractories
can easily find accommodation near the busy Day #1
seaside centre while being away. You arrive at the airport at Lamentin. You are
w Martinique is separated in three perhaps exhausted by travel and you have one
areas with very different characteristics: idea at the head: slip by to your hotel. A good
South, the Center and North. The shower, and the bed. Five or six hours of jet
south matches the tropical seaside image lag depending on the season, it is necessary
to cover. You will see more clearly tomorrow.you generally have, while the North is the
symbol of intense and green nature. The
Day #2Centre, is especially characterised by a strong
Wake up with the sunrise (5h30-6h), jet lag urbanisation and an important population
forces. After a good night’s sleep, you are in density. It is truly the economic lung of the
the form and you taste already on the pleasure island where most industrial and commercial
of the tropical well-being. The sky is blue, areas.
with a strong light. We suggest enjoying the
Short stay hotel (relaxation, pool, beach), taking your
landmarks and arrange week.If you order a travel agency (or offers on
Internet), the formula of stay usually offered
Day #3is the week (package includes seven nights,
You start to get used to the difference. Get sometimes even six, which is rather short).
to explore the island. The morning departures Experienced will confirm it, one week there is
are highly recommended: here you go early, barely enough. The flight takes approximately
as the sun goes down around 18: 00. We 8 or 9 hours and there are 5 to 6 hours of
offer two routes:difference. Is quickly calculated. You go for
example Saturday Paris, you arrive in the w Tour 1: on the west coast, the so-called
afternoon or early evening the same day. You «under the wind». Go up the Caribbean
must take the plane depending on saturdays, south coast, stop in the morning with the
in order to arrive in metropolis Sunday (usually village of the Bays of Anses-d’arlet to have
with the dawns, night on the plane). If it is breakfast. Then Fort-de-France management INVITATION TO TRAVEL
Long stay - IDEAS FOR YOUR TRIP 13
for shopping and market. Faites route north by explore Martinique without having bus (a glass
the Caribbean coast to climb to the Fisherman. of rum), preferably sitting in the water and
Visit the botanic garden of Balata (Fort-de- far from the coast is waste! Many companies
France) and lunch on the beach in Hut (a organise this excursion: start the morning
drink in the Petibonum restaurant on the around 9: 00, discovered trois-ilets, comments
beach). In the afternoon, a stop in Saint-Pierre on the vegetation, stop for a swim and baptism
(old town). You leave while turning by road of rum in the famous «white sandbars,» lunch
from morne-rouge and cross the road to the and return in the afternoon.
Trace (tropical forest) down to Fort-de-France. w Trip aboard a 4x4. Thanks to the layout
Simply amazing. and the climate of the island, many providers
Touch for those place on Pointe-du-Bout or organise 4x4. It is a rather original way to
in Anse-à-l’Ane: half-day in Fort de France is explore the island. Appreciated by the majority
possible, from the maritime shuttles take it of our readers, the formula likes. Two different
and the shuttle boat is very pleasant. With a tours and two strong concepts are offered:
departure to 8: 30/9am, you will be logically North or South. For the authenticity and the
back around noon, unless you stay lunch. tropical forest, prefer North.
w Tour 2: on the east coast said «in the wind».
Days #5 and #6You start with Le Vauclin, adorable fishing
village authentic. Continue with Le François If you are not too exhausted, you can enjoy
(almost mandatory stop at the home Clément), these two days to sports: scuba diving (half),
Le Robert, the caravelle peninsula. Lunch in stroll in the jet ski (half) or canoeing (for
Tartane in Granny Nanny by exempke. Then Cap-Chevalier or three Islet, Francis, Robert),
North Atlantic equipment. In Sainte-Marie, windsurfing (beach), Cap-Chevalier tourist
visit the cemetery, the museum of Rum or flying by plane or helicopter, canyoning etc. For
Banana. Le Marigot, Le Lorrain Macouba, lovers of local culture, the visit of a distillery, a
where you will discover Distillery JM. And museum (La Maison de la Canne for example)
finally, Grand-Rivière and its cliffs. There, or the option in a cockfight pitt (River- Pilot)
try the coconut ice sold by a charming old are essential.
caribbean. It is the end of the world, the island
of Dominique points her nose beyond cliffs. Day #7
The road ends here. Back your steps and take It is already leaving. The flights are hung in
Le Lorrain after the road leaving to Morne- the late afternoon. Nice little touch, some
des-Esses, Saint-Joseph... And return to your structures of accommodations allow you to
place of residence. exchange before departure at the airport by
Two advice: you can not stop you on all city placing a bag storage and showers. It is an
site, so make a choice. The winding roads advantage, because you can fully enjoy your
of the interior (between River- Savoury and last moments in the island.
Rivière-Pilote) offer wonderful landscapes!
Long stay
Day #4
There are two Martinique. The green and blue
Three classics for one day theme: one. The first, in the north, is punctuated by
w One day day charter, which means a dull and pitons, covered with primary forest,
walk on board a boat, often «maximum- tree ferns and gigantic trees. The second,
catamarans». Departures from Les Trois- more seaside, stretches from the peninsula
Ilets offered, Le Marin or Sainte-Anne. The La Caravelle to the southern tip and monte
most classic tour is the Caribbean south peacefully along the Caribbean coast. If you
coast and, for lovers of the sea, the day in can stay two weeks in Martinique, one can
Sainte-Lucie (english-speaking island located only too advise you to share your stay between
south). 9: 00 Airport departure and return its two faces and add to it, if you want it,
at sunset. Lunch on board, swimming stops a small cruise on the side of Sainte-Lucie,
with possibility for snorkelling (diving palm- Saint-Vincent or Grenadines.
mask- snorkel). Fifteen days in Martinique is a formula that
w A day at the «white sandbars.» Everything allows you to fully enjoy your holidays. Time
is in the name: they are sandy and shallow «to put you» and not to visit to the step of
funds, located along the Atlantic Coast course. Four or five days in North for the
between Le Robert and Cap-Chevalier. To discovery of the island, the natural side. 14 IDEAS FOR YOUR TRIP - Long stay
Six days in the South to fully enjoy the seaside. for a return around 18: 00. The plane (between
A few days in the islands of the area. A good new and nineteen places) allows you above all
idea to avoid doing needless kilometres. to admire for one hour the heavenly beaches
of the Caribbean. Arrival at Union, you are w 4/5 days in the North of the island. Radiate
taken care of by the captain of sailing. This around mount pelée to discover the luxuriant
walk allows you to have a quick overview of vegetation, the unique flora, rivers and
the most beautiful sites: Union, famous Tobago waterfalls and of course to climb the mountain!
Cays and the small island of Palm Island. Lovers of nature will not be disappointed with
Plan between E250 and E400/person. You the Mark in the middle of the tropical forest.
can also get to Sainte-Lucie. The providers Note that Martinique offers ecotourism more
offer two formulas (one day) to Sainte-Lucie: and more. On the programme: canyoning,
maritime transportation on board the fast horse riding, marked trails. For the exploration
shuttle express of the islands (Fort-de-France) of the north, you can stay on the side of La
or on a maximum- catamaran (departure from Trinité and enjoy the beauty of the peninsula
the Sailor). Once there, the local guides make La Caravelle. Absolutely visit: Grand-Rivière,
you discover the island. Lunch on the spot and Basse-Pointe, Sainte-Marie, its museum of
return in Martinique around 18: 00 (possible Rum and Banana. The coast «under the wind»
by plane; 20 minute flight only).(Caribbean, of Schœlcher to Saint-Pierre)
offers black sand beaches and small fishing
villages... Guaranteed peace and authenticity. Thematic Stay
Unmissable stops, from north to south: the Lovers of hiking, 4x4, cycling or diving will
cove and the home Céron, Saint-Pierre, Fond- discover the great diversity of Martinique,
Saint-Denis... far from city life seaside. For fans of water
sports, the Antilles are also celebrated for w 6 days in the South of the island. The
its climate and their mode of wind. Lovers of coast that stretches from the Trinity in Cap
stays golfing can check with golf course of Chevalier is a real jewel. The islands of Robert,
les trois-ilets or specialised tour operators.white sandbars of Faula Tip, Le Vauclin and
fish markets. Sainte-Anne and of course, with
Cruisesits famous beaches, including Saltworks. The
If you choose a cruise in the Caribbean, here village has retained its traditional look, a cliché
is a little idea of course. You can enjoy two or postcard recommended for lovers of the beach.
three days at one of the islands of... and you Here, the sea is, more beautiful everywhere.
have the choice. For example, the neighbou-Plunges you discover multicoloured fish, we
ring islands of Dominique and Sainte-Lucie bask in the shade of coconut and sample
present a face contrasted by their english-crayfish the sand in Cap Chevalier. A little
speaking setting.further, Caribbean side, visit Sainte Luce, Le
The archipelago of the Grenadines (between Diamant and a break in the pretty village of
the island of Saint-Vincent and the island of the Bays of Anses-d’arlet. Also discover the
Grenada) offers simply dream beaches. You twin bays (one of white sand, the other with
can organize your trip only (by getting in touch black sand) that are Anse Dufour and Anse
with the aviation companies or sea), but we Noire. Here, there is the advantage of being on
advise you to go through an agency. They the waterfront, while enjoying the picturesque
offer a package for a full day: public rate is and quiet. For those who love entertainment,
identical, unless you fall into one exceptional head for Pointe-du-Bout: restaurants, bars,
many excursionists (especially water), shuttles period (special offers).
to Fort-de-France, marina... w In the deep south, Grenadines: most
local travel agencies offer this day trip by w 3/4 days in the Grenadines islands or
in La Dominique. Finally holiday in beauty, air transport, steps forces. You must be
embark from Le Marin in a sailing boat with a presented around 7: 00 - 7h30 for the airport;
skipper to discover the Grenadines (the plane you are back around 18: 00. The plane (new
is also available for those who have the being or nineteen places) allows you above all to
sea sick). It is not unusual to see dolphins admire for one hour the heavenly beaches
in this bewitching water. There, stay at the of the Caribbean.
dream beaches. The formula is declined for You then arrive at Union where guests are
a day for those who are in a hurry. You must be entertained by the captain of sailing. This
presented around 7: 00 - 7h30 for the airport offer a quick overview of the most beautiful INVITATION TO TRAVEL
Thematic Stay - IDEAS FOR YOUR TRIP 15
sites stroll: Union, famous Tobago Cays and trip, difficult level) allows you to discover the
the small island of Palm Island. The expedition tropical forest. Careful! Hiking is difficult and
justifies high prices (allow between E250 and has many difference because the six pitons
E400/person): all day, searching for an archi- extend over 16 km away and m sometimes
pelago, from island to island! reach the 1,000.
w In the south, Sainte-Lucie: independent w Peninsula La Caravelle: a day will be
since 1979, this small island is interesting enough for you to discover the natural beauties
tourist – growing. The providers offer two of the reserve La Caravelle. The large and the
formulas (one day) to Sainte-Lucie: maritime path is mainly shaded and easy level. The
transportation on board the fast shuttle path (2 hours) winds between the mangrove
express of the islands (Fort-de-France) or and the dry forest via the chateau Dubuc. As
on a maximum- catamaran (departure from for the large trail (4 hours), you will come to
the Sailor). Once there, the local guides make the lighthouse La Caravelle and allows you
you discover the island. Lunch on the spot and to enjoy beautiful views Baie du Trésor. Be
return in Martinique around 18: 00. You can careful, some features are in the sun.
also go to Sainte-Lucie by plane (30 minute w The south of the island: explore the
flight only). If you are travelling independently, mountains to the beaches. Chemin des Anses
the vehicles are quite expensive. The petit d’Arlet (6 hours, easy level) will allow you
futé prefer the collective, less expensive and to discover the peninsula Sainte-Anne and
unusual buses. discover its beaches and landscapes. Atlantic
w In the north, Dominica: this real coast, hiking in the Traces of the Caps is
mountainous paradise with the 365 rivers one of the most picturesque, to explore on
is quite unknown metropolitan tourists. foot or by bike, in one or more stages. On
Level beach, not much, but the nature the side of Vauclin, you can visit the domaine
lovers are spoiled: steps in the mountains, du Grand Macabou along the coastline of
lakes... Spontaneous landscape and natural, Small with the Macabou Grande Anse. But
welcoming and wild. The island is connected one of the most original hiking remains that
to Martinique by sea shuttle express of the crosses the Savannah of the Petrifications
islands. You can also buy a pass in the travel (5 hour round-trip, easy level), in the peninsula
agencies. If you have time, there are two or Sainte-Anne. In this desert expanse which
three days. owes its name to the fossilised trees, you can
see some cacti and acacias still to grow. The
Hiking landscape is striking.
Paradise of the hiker, Martinique is far from
being a destination only «beaches and
deckchairs». North and south, walkers have enough
to occupy yourself.
w The North of the island: allow between
two and three days to discover the island and
paths that wind through the tropical forest.
Unmissable, the ascension of mount pelée can
be made by several paths of different levels. At
the beginning of the morne-rouge, the path of
the Fin (6 hour round-trip, average level) offers
magnificent panoramas. By the Fisherman
(6 hours the one-way, mean/difficult level),
you will have the way tangible still see traces
of the eruption of 1902. Descending to the
east coast, the surroundings of
Fonds-SaintDenis abound in interesting walks. Easier,
but to avoid if you suffer from giddinesses, the
canal of Slaves (4h ticket, easy level) follows
the course of the canal de Beauregard, with
beautiful views of the Carbet mountains. More
difficult, along the route of the Trace, the
rise of the Carbet mountains (8 hour
© DANIELE CATI – ICONOTECHow to get there?
network offer of the company. Air Caraïbes With an organised trip
offers three classes of service on board: Soleil Tours, excursions, relaxation stays or
(Economic), Caraïbes (Premium economy), diving, combined in catamaran or rigid sail,
Madras (Business). Check the website for honeymoon and wedding anniversaries: the
current promotions. All flights are displayed offer for Martinique covers a wide range
and the booking system is integrated into of activities and possibilities. Specialists
the site.are numerous and offer trips for all tastes.
From about E500 (excluding flights) for 8 days AIR FRANCE
and 7 nights hiking; E700 for a stay under & 3654 – www.airfrance.fr
the sign of 9 days and 7 nights relaxation. Air France offers up to 14 weekly direct
The offer is also very important in order to flights from Orly West . The airline serves
arrange tailor-made holiday. The professionals Fort-de-France in less than 9 am on board
offer the necessary services to concoct you of apparatus offering a high level of comfort
a program à la carte. and equipped with 3 cabins travel: Economy
, Premium Economy ( day cab ) and Business. Getting there
New seats equip the Business and Premium
Economy cabins and seats in the Economy By plane
cabin are all equipped with individual screens
w Distances. Distance and times of flight nearly 100 films and 300 albums and a wide
Les Antilles are about 7,000 km from Paris selection of video games.
(8 hours), and about as much, at 500 km
CORSAIRdiffrence, the large European capitals. They
France & 39 17are located about 3,150 km from New York and
www.corsair.fr3,600 km from Montreal. For South America,
The regular company Corsair connects the closest is Venezuela, just about 1000 km
daily Fort-de-France from Orly Sud. If you away, or one hour by plane.
live in province, you can buy combined tickets, w Rates. Average prices for a flight
Parisincluding a travel in the TGV (partnership Fort-de-France: high season (November to
TGV AIR from 18 metropolitan cities), and March + July, August and Christmas): from
the Corsair ticket.E720. Low season (April to October, except
Corsair offers more spacious and more for July and August): from 400. Note that the
comfortable cabins on a fully reconfigured price changes depending on the company
fleet. New ergonomical seats, with a better and, especially, the time of booking. To obtain
comfort, more Entertainment on board, with interesting rates, enjoy the frequent offers
tactile and interactive individual screens, throughout the year.
proposing a wide range of films, reports,
and games.... The webbsite facilitates the Main companies serving
rates search, possibility to book 24 hours in the destination
advance, choose your seat, edit your boarding
AIR CARAÏBES card. You can also book online your duty free
& 0820 835 835 products with discounts up to 40%. You can
www.aircaraibes.com also order «gourmet meals « (from E10) of
Air Caraïbes, a French airline offers regular marine, local, Italian, or gourmet type...
flights from Orly Sud to Cayenne, Fort-de- These changes concern the economy class
France, Pointe-à-Pitre, Port-au-Prince, Santo «Horizon» but also «Grand Large». The
passenDomingo and Saint-Martin.1 to 2 daily flights gers of the premium class have a private
are available to Guadeloupe and Martinique, lounge in the airports of Paris Orly and
Fortthree weekly flights to Guyana, up to three de-France with free wi-fi – press service
flights per week to Haiti and the Dominican – buffet and drinks.
Republic and up to 2 flights per week to Saint A good improvment for the company (excellent
Martin. This service, provided by an Airbus news) while preserving competing rates, which
A330, is complemented by the regional still has the best value for money of the market.INVITATION TO TRAVEL
To stay - HOW TO GET THERE? 17
NORWEGIAN AIRLINES audio-video program. A selection of snacks
Martinique & +1 800 357 4159 sweet or savoury as well as hot and cold
www.norwegian.com drinks are also available at an additional cost.
An exceptional launching price at E88 plus
To staytaxes, for a trip, between Fort-de-France and
each of the three served cities.
AccomodationA new company is present starting from
December 2015 in Martinique. It is Norwegian
AIRBNBAirlines that marked the launch of three
www.airbnb.frweekly direct new lines from the Us. On its
Created in California in 2008, this rental servicings between the United States and
company of rooms, apartments and other Fort-de-France, the company will use Boeings
types of accommodations furnished between 737-800s offering 186 seats. It will be the
individuals is very popular. This simple concept first line on the Caribbean to offer free wi-fi.
operates in more than 34,000 cities around - New York JFK) /FDF: 3 daily flights on
the world. Thanks to Airbnb, you can rent for tuesday, thursday and saturday
a few days a room at the owners, a house or, - Baltimore-Washington International
why not, a villa on the beach. Everything goes (BWI) /FDF: 2 daily flights monday and friday
directly on Internet where you get the listed - Boston Thurgood Marshall Airport (BOS)
ads displaying several photos and practical /FDF: 2 daily flights on wednesdays and
information provided by the owners. Research sundays
is launched by town, according to the dates
XL AIRWAYS and the desired type of infrastructure. The
Martinique results are sharp on the map of the city,
& 0892 231 300 (0,34 euroTTC/min), which makes the location by district. Hosts
www.xl.com ans guests can exchange and check their
The French airline is the only one to serve the respective personal spaces, because the site is
airports Pointe-à-Pitre and Fort-de-France a sort of social network (you must be identified
from Paris – Roissy Charles de Gaulle (terminal to concluye a transaction). After a stay, it is
2A). Rotations of three flights per week for possible to go on the page of the
announceeach destination in Airbus A330. Based on ment with comments visible to all. Everything
a model of ultra competitive prices, with a is perfect and written in French, and the
company has a desk in Paris. They offer price of call from E429 including all taxes
(to go and visit Paris Pointe-à-Pitre or Paris serious offers and assistance to the owners
Fort-de-France), the have always included and guests. A good way to find uncommon
free hot meal, water, tea and coffee during and charming accomodation and sometimes
the service, as well as a frequently changing feel welcomed and at home!
Fishing boats.
Hotels Guesthouse
Martinique Gallery de la Baie
www.aux-antilles.fr 30 rue Ernest Deproges
FORT-DE-FRANCE (Martinique)info@aux-antilles.fr
&05 96 73 74 74It is a hotel reservation office that covers the
www.gites972.orgarea of «Petites Antilles», the Grenadines to
contact@gites972.comthe islands of Saint-Martin. The principle is
Monday to Friday 8am-3pm.simple: the web surfer can choose his
destiIn full development, this accommodation nation, make his reservation according to the
formula has a lot of sucess. A guide is updated real availability immediately and confirm his
stay by simply connecting the number of his every year and is available at the reception
credit card in fully secure way. The site is desk. An economic solution for families or
also a mine of information on the islands: groups, favouring relationship with nature
and the inhabitants.history and heritage, geography and climate,
monuments and sites to visit...
Good tips
1 Rue Jean-Jaures&05 96 48 50 00
&05 96 35 14 10 /06 96 43 30 35A local brand belonging to the Fabre group
www.archipelevasion.comwhich manages standing hotels in Martinique
contact@archipelevasion.comand Guadeloupe. Do not hesitate to visit their
Central booking office for prestige villas and website with its last minute offers.
apartments in Martinique.
PIERRE ET VACANCES After for 11 years work in a travel agency as
The village of Sainte-Luce honeymoons activity manager, Laura Chollet
SAINTE-LUCE (Martinique) set up home in Martinique in 2008 to create
&05 96 62 12 62 her own agency, Archipel Evasion. Her aim:
www.pierre-vacances.fr help guests in creating their personalized
contact.pvci@pierre-vacances.fr individual trip. Based in Sainte-Luce, Archipel
It is classified as a 4-soleils (4-suns) village. Evasion offers rentals of about sixty luxury
Since 1999, this famous group has built two villas associated with excursions and a range
beautiful homes in Sainte-Luce, Martinique, of personal services: airport transfer, shopping
Saint-Anne and Guadeloupe. These are two delivery, cleaning, chef cooking at home,
very beautiful hotel complexes. wedding ceremony... Leisures and wellness
Valley of Desolation.
Getting around - HOW TO GET THERE? 19
complement the services: massage in your Martin, Saint-Barthélemy (Service operated
villa, cookery classes, of local craft. With by Saint-Barth Commuter from Saint-Martin),
family or friends, you can then have your Saint lucia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic.
dream holidays at your own pace.
VILLAVEO Lamentin airport
Quartier Bac General aviation area
Allée Hermann Littée LE LAMENTIN
DUCOS &01 76 38 00 50 &05 96 51 66 88
www.villaveo.fr www.atisfwi.com
reservation@villaveo.com info@atisfwi.com
The rental of villas is developing exponen- Open from 8am to 6pm every day.
tially in Martinique in complement of the A team of professional pilots who offer tourist
hotel offers. Villaveo is a structure created flights, inter-island transportation. All are
by specialists of the destination and tourism. direct flights and hours of your choice. It is
Three associates coming from the finance also a flying school. They also rent planes
and luxury hotels world decided to settle on request.
by the sun! They are young, super trained
CHARLY BRAVO ECHOwith marketing techniques and they linked
Lamentin airporttheir know-how on this diffusion site of
Area of general aviationseasonal announcements. Here one invites
LE LAMENTINyou to discover Martinique differently, while
&05 96 51 31 12residing within villas or apartments of charm.
www.charly.bravo.pagesperso-orange.frAll the goods are selected with a charter
charlybravo.echo@wanadoo.frquality. It fullfills all types of budgets, from
Monday to Sunday (8am-6.30pm).the luxury villa to the small apartment of
Flying school. Rental. Flight baptism, tourist charm. Only common denominator: the quality
overview of the island.of the accommodation. The agency offers also
concierge services. Don’t trouble yourself By Ferry Boat
any more with the intendance services (chef
at home, shopping on line...), they do it for EXPRESS DES ILES
you! In the same way, they offer a wide choice Terminal Inter Iles,
of activities on the spot or out of the beaten Quai Ouest
tracks. Gare Maritime
Getting around &05 96 42 04 05 / 0 825 35 90 00
By Plane The express train of the islands connects
Martinique to the neighboring islands of the AIR ANTILLES EXPRESS
north: Dominique or the Guadeloupe like those & 0 890 648 648 /05 96 42 16 71
of the south like Sainte-Lucie.www.airantilles.com
The Express of the Îles dessert, departing from The company has got good prices for the links
Fort-de-France, Guadeloupe, Dominica and Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre – Saint-Martin
St. Lucia and Saintes, on ultra modern cata-and Saint-Barthélemy and the Dominican
marans, all equipped with one upper deck in Republic. You can book online, a few clicks,
the open air. The journey time for Guadeloupe real-time and 24: 00 24 hours, your plane
is 3 hours without making a stop (3 hours ticket with direct access to all the offers at
45 with a stopover in La Dominique), 1 hour competitive rates especially sales «flash».
20 for Saint lucia, 1 hour 30 for La Dominique,
AIR CARAÏBES 2 hours 45 for Saintes. Ask about discounts
Airport Aimé Césaire (baby, child, young and elderly person,
LE LAMENTIN subscriber, groups from 3 people), they are
& 0820 835 835 numerous and very interesting. You can travel
www.aircaraibes.com with your vehicle from one island to the other.
Besides the transatlantic, Air Caraïbes also Many agreements between the express train
serves Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre, and islands and certain hotels of the neighbouring
the following caribbean destinations: Saint- islands are to be found in their brochures.20 HOW TO GET THERE? - Getting around
on 2 words: flexibility and proximity. Your Taxi
car is delivered in all the points of the island.
MARTINIQUE TAXIS Nearly a hundred cars compose the park, from
Rue Carlos Finlay a cheap private car to the mini bus (Renault
& 0899 238 866 Trafic combi 9 places – Nissan primastar).
24/24, 7/7. They offer services in all kinds: Their Web site is well made and ergonomic:
transfers, hotels, shopping... easy booking with secure payment. Add to that
a warm welcome and well tied up rates. An
Rent a car
good address for your car rental in Martinique.
&05 96 42 11 00 Airport Aimée Césaire and Agence
www.avis-antilles.fr LE LAMENTIN
resamq@avis-antilles.fr &05 96 42 42 42
In 1946 created by Warren Avis in the United www.europcar-martinique.com
States, Avis quickly grew to become a world contact@europcar-martinique.com
leader in the car rental. Wherever you are Open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the site
in the world, you will be close to an Avis of the airport and from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at
agency. In Martinique, a fleet of more than
the agency.700 vehicles, available in the agencies at the
Vehicles of all categories and all brands (Van, airport, Trois Islets, the harbour of «le Marin»,
Berling, 4X4 as well as Twingo and Clio), and a delivery service in hotels and in the
petrol or diesel, with GPS or car seat and air port of cruises. Small budget car (Who Opel
conditioned are available. From three days of Tougher), the upscale vehicles (Audi A5,
hire, your vehicle will be delivered anywhere on Mercedes SLK), via the convertibles (Audi
the island. Remember to book on the website A3) and the 4x4 family, Avis offers a wide
europcar-martinique.comrange of vehicles for all needs. More than
70 commercial vehicles, trucks and vans, GOODLY LOCATION
plates, picks-up, light vans are also available. 58 rue Schœlcher
&05 96 62 25 36 /06 96 25 82 92Lamentin airport
goodlylocation@sfrcaraibe.frRond Point airport
Open every day from 8.30am to 12.30pm. The LE LAMENTIN
afternoon by appointment. Closed on Sunday. &05 96 42 04 04
Car rental from E38 per day in high season. www.budget-martinique.com
All-risk insurance deductible from E698.reservation@budget-martinique.com
You will be welcomed by Nathalie’s Open every day from 6.30am to 9.30pm.
smile, especially if you are coming from the The company Budget has been present in
Petit Futé. The park is made up of recent Martinique for over 25 years. Three agencies
vehicles from categories A, B And C. Free on the island: airport, Fort de France et Trois
Delivery at the airport as of 7 days rental.Ilets. From Opel Corsa to Kia Sorento via
convertible Audi A3... You will find your JUMBO CAR
happiness! All vehicles are air conditioned Martinique Aimé Césaire Airport
and delivered on your holiday place. LE LAMENTIN
&05 96 42 22 22 / N°Indigo CAR GO
0820 220 230 (0,81 E/min)27 Route Chateauboeuf
resa.jumbo.mq@gbh.fr&05 96 03 44 00 /06 96 35 37 97
Open every day from 7am to 10pm.www.cargo-martinique.fr
With Jumbo Car, make it easy choosing a contact@cargo-martinique.fr
car rental in Martinique. Jumbocar is placed CarGo is a brand established in all France; it
among the best agencies of the island and counts less than 500 agencies throughout the
hexagon. It has been represented in Martinique offers a wide choice of vehicles from rental
for over than 20 years. The agency is at Fort wherever you are: Le Lamentin, Le Diamant,
de France but the currency of the house rests Le Marin, Les Trois Ilets, Sainte-Anne...DRIVE
www .avis-antilles.fr22 HOW TO GET THERE? - Getting around
LUXIANE CAR R.car sarl is unlimited mileage, simple
Lot. Dillon Stade Immeuble Avantage booking in three stages: research, selection,
11, rue des Arts et métiers booking. Your vehicle is put directly at your
FORT-DE-FRANCE disposal at LE LAMENTIN airport or at your
&06 96 24 86 30 convenience wherever you are in Martinique!
LE LAMENTINRates: Category C from 39E to 49E/day;
www.rentiles.fr/martinique.htmlCategory D (4X4 Dacia Duster from 56E to
Rent cheaper with a local renter... Tempted? 65E/day; Caterogy E (BMW X3) 110E/day.
Rentîles is the new network which gathers Degressif from 7 days.
offers of selected independent renters. A unique car rental agency in
Alternative to the large international brands, Martinique: prestige and personal service.
the renters network of Rentîles offers a warm Luxiane Car is specialised in customized
and personalized welcome. Don’t waste more rentals. Here your car is delivered regardless
time seekng fo the best price, on Rentîles you of the place, day and even hour. Reception
will find offers among the cheapest on the is very personalized and service is of high
market all the year round! The site is pleasant standing. Vehicles are of higher classes and
and ergonomic; you can compare offers and the smallest car offered is a Peugeot 206 HDI
book online in less than 5 minutes directly to with a range of 4X4s and BMWs. So here there
the renter and without intermediary. With most are no disposed price lists but everything is
of the networks renters, only a E100 deposit based on the concept of service and quality.
will be required to validate your booking, it You book ahead via the website, you are
is practical when preparing your holidays received at the baggage exit of the airport
and having just paid your plane tickets. and the contract is already done with no
Rentîles offers several points of withdrawal waste of time ... In case you need a special
in Martinique but also the delivery of the car decoration for big events (wedding, VIP party
at the exit of the boat, at the airport or your ...), a GPS ... the team is at your disposal. It
places of residence. It is advised to book in is a great address.
advance in high season which guarantees
R.CAR MARTINIQUE prices and availabilitys.
17 Route de Chateauboeuf Booking on www.rentiles.fr/martinique.html
Trois Pontswww.location-voituremartinique.com
&05 96 78 35 58rates detailed on their website
& 06 96 26 35 76
Open every day, except on Sunday, on
weekdays from 8am to 5pm and Saturday
from 8am to noon. Renault car rental. Rate
from 36 E to 75 E approximately.R. CAR SARL, MARTINIQUE RENTAL CAR
AGENCY WITH GOOD PRICES This is a reliable car rental company that has
more than 200 vehicles in two agencies: one
at Saint-Pierre and the other at Lamentin
close to the airport. It is a family affair, and
the father owns a large Renault garage. The
cars are therefore well maintained. Rates are
displayed in the same way throughout the year
and during the low season months (May, June,
September, October, and November) with a
20% discount. Your reservation requests can
be made by email directly. Possible delivery Tel. 06 96 94 20 81
and free recovery is from the airport, port www.location-voituremartinique.com
and at home for more than a week’s rental.rcars.location@gmail.com
17 , route de Chateauboeuf
97 200 Fort de France GOURMET MAR TNIIQUE
Fort de France and its Towards the North Caribbean
surroundings coast
Place de la Savane CASE-PILOTE &05 96 61 60 34
15 rue de la Liberté oceane.jolly@wanadoo.fr
Restaurant de l’Impératrice Hôtel Follow the signs from the main road N2.
FORT-DE-FRANCE Restaurant open for dinner Tuesday to
&05 96 63 06 82 Saturday from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Open for
www.limperatricehotel.fr lunch Saturday and Sunday. Closed weekly
hotel.limperatrice@wanadoo.fr Sunday for dinner and Monday. Average bill à
Open every day except Sunday from 12.15pm la carte: E50. Menus: from E35 (freshness);
to 2.30pm and from 7.15pm to 9.30pm.Average E45 Ajoupa; E56 tasting; E66 gourmet (with
bill E30. Credit card, Cheque restaurant, foie gras). The ajoupa is an excellent gourmet
cheques, Amex.Wifi. restaurant of the island, discreet, as the chef’s
Real iconic place of Fort-de-France, the image, Matthieu Jolly. Frequented by epicureans
hotel Imperatrice offers a quality table in its of the island, it is in our opinion one of the
restaurant Josephine. The menu could make indisputable culinary values in Martinique. The
your head spin with its tasty creole cuisine. chef began his career in Britain in the famous
The room is furnished with local precious great establishments and he settled in
wood furniture, a magnificient wooden floor Martinique a few years ago. The site on the
and pastel colours on the walls; sober and seafront, somewhat lost between Schoelcher
elegant. Guests can enjoy fine cuisine with a and Case Pilote gives the setting an incredible
creole accent while admiring the sight of the charm. In the evening you dine facing the sea
savannah. Note excellent creole buffet every in a romantic atmosphere to perfection. With
Thursday midday. Reservations are strongly regards to flavours, Matthieu controls alliances.
recommended. It is inventive, fastidious and likes to work the
noble products. Foie gras is undeniably one of
these favourites; Taste the pan-fried foie gras
with apple or even the medallions of veal,
panfried prawns with rosemary... The sea is not
forgotten and the suggestions are according to
the return of fishing. Note for example excellent
with Tahitian fish with coconut milk. In short,
you have understood, Ajoupa is a safe bet, a
stopover almost unavoidable!
Shopping centre of Patio de Cluny
&05 96 73 35 61 /06 96 45 60 46
Meal 20-40 E. Open Monday to Friday
12pm-3pm, 7pm-10.30pm. Daily special at
14,50E. Menu of the market for lunch at
E23 in full version or E18 with starter/main
course or main course/dessert.Gourmet menu
at E40; children’s menu at E10.
© ???
Towards the North Caribbean coast - GOURMET MARTINIQUE 27
Patio de Cluny is an address only frequented looking the sea. Chez Case Coco, everyone is
by the residents of the island. The place welcome and you can enjoy yourself whatever
isn’t touristical and it is wonderful. You get your budget. Sylvain is an experienced chef
there by the shopping centre and it is located who worked in michelin-starred houses in
upstairs. A lovely outdoor terrace and two Britain. Here, you will eat a creole cuisine with
rooms very nicely furnished and decorated: metropolitan colours. Everything is made on
refined and intimate with colours blending light request and the products are fresh. As a
colours, leather armchairs... The cuisine is starter, let yourself be tempted by cod accras
inventive and original. A crossed menu, dishes or the fish Tartar with citrus fruit. We will also
for vegetarians, of sweets for more gournands. remember the marinated prawns in spices of
An address to be discovered, full of charm the country, the vanilla coconut fish and for
and flavours. meat lovers, the duck breast with pineapple
caramel... without forgetting fresh lobster
RESTAURANT 1643 from the tank. Excellent table that continues
Home of Anse since 2006.
Anse Latouche
&05 96 78 17 81 Golf of Trois Islets
www.restaurant1643.com TROIS-ÎLETS
At the exit of Carbet towards Saint-Pierre. &05 96 48 20 84
200 meters on the right after the tunnel. Open every day from 12: 00 am to 14: 30 pm
Open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Saturday. and 19: 00 pm to 21: 30 pm. Closed Sunday
Accessible to the disabled guests. Average and Monday evening. Bill between E 25 and
bill E40. E 50. Free parking at the entrance.
The Restaurant 1643, in Carbet, small village Pleasant and relaxed setting, golfers meeting
on the seafront, is one of the oldest houses point, but also for lovers of good food, Le
of the island of Martinique. In its large park Golf restaurant is a place we recommend.
of secular trees, the owners welcome you in The room opens on a semi-glaze terrace. A
a friendly and cheerful atmosphere, while in lounge corner facing the bar awaits you for
the cuisine the chef delivers creative cuisine an aperitif. The chef likes to work with fresh
with creole and local flavours. On a shaded ingredients and mixes creole specialties and
terrace, covered and ventilated, facing the traditional cuisine. The menu is articulated in
garden, the 1643 is ideal for a lunch or a several types: L’eau a la bouche (Water in the
traditional dinner with family, friends, in private mouth), an excellent fish Tartar with ginger as
conversation. Its colourful flowers, tablecloths starter, then the Trésors de l’océan (Treasures
and table runners set the tone. In the evening, of the Ocean) and finally Magie de la terre
the more intimate and romantic atmosphere (Magic of the earth) that will seduce meat
settles at your table. The setting invites to lovers... As for the desserts, roasted figs with
relax, while a few stepsaway the softness of crunchy walnuts and its guava sorbet have
the trade winds rocks a resting beach. nothing to envy softnesses of the great pastry
chefs. A must. Warm welcome insufflated by
Towards the south Caribbean the manager of the place and his team is very
coast much appreciated. A break always pleasant
in a Zen and green setting, with as an extra
CASE COCO for the soul, a stunning view on the bay of
58 rue Schœlcher Fort-de-France.
97229 Trois-iletsOpen every day from 12pm to 2pm and 7pm at
TROIS-ÎLETS 10pm. Closed on Monday all day and Tuesday
for lunch. Annual closing from June 15th &05 96 38 30 60
to July 1st and in September. Daily special, pignon@hotmail.com
attractive menu. Open every day from 12pm to 2.30pm and
This restaurant is housed in a creole building from 7pm to 9.30pm. Sunday from 12.15pm
dating back to 1836. It was restored with to 2.15pm. Closed Sunday for dinner and
taste and designed in a shaded patio over- Monday. Average bill E30.28 GOURMET MARTINIQUE - Towards the North Caribbean coast
Here is a restaurant that wears its name well. PITAYA
The tables with turquoise-madras tablecloths Pointe du Bout
LES TROIS-ÎLETS & 05 96 66 61 54face the bay in this welcoming establishment.
www.restaurant-lepitaya.comEddy, the young chef owner, already has
beautiful references despite his young age! Located inside the hotel La Pagerie
He was born in the catering (his family runs POINTE DE BOUT
the restaurant next door) and has worked Open every evening from 7pm to 10pm.
in Paris and London in nice houses in order The daily menu with choice between
seveto perfect his techniques. Now he’s back in ral starters, main course and desserts is
the country to the delight of the epicureans! proposed at E29 per adult and E18 per
The menu is resolutely dedicated towards the child. A la carte count E50. A planteur
sea. Specialities include fish and seafood, we drink offered on presentation of this guide.
advise you to taste salad with lime lambis Pitaya is a pleasant restaurant nestled in the
(available according to the market), the heart of La Pagerie hotel. The Chef, Robert
delight of the gable or ravioli with seafood Vuattoux, after a career in several beautiful
and shellfish cream. Good cocktails also. The establishments of the Cote-d’azur, offers
aperitif is offered on the menu starter/main a mixed cuisine just like Martinique. The
course. Le Pignon Nouvelle Vague also offers carte is gastronomic.. Enjoy for example
take-away. A simple and authentic place, as starter the sea bream ceviche, fresh
unadorned. A small establishment that will coriander, crunchy vegetable salsa or pig’s
trotters and its stuffing with creole banana become big before long... word of smart!
gratiné. As main dish, we recommend the
PURA VIDA grilled rack of lamb three coasts, with honey
Gros Raisins – SAINTE-LUCE of the morne or the minute cooked dory fillet
&05 96 53 89 35 /06 96 27 82 83 in local virgin sauce, small tomatoes confit
www.puravidarestaurant.fr with olive oil. Finish with a sweet gourmet
Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday touch, the desserts are freshly prepared by
and closed on Monday. Services from 12pm the pastry Chef. The setting is tropical in
to 2pm and from 7pm to 10pm – Child space a relaxed atmosphere. The service is very
– free Wifi – Digestive offered – Terrace. friendly. The recipes compete in originality.
A menu at E35 which is declined in Land We appreciated this journey of savours.
and Sea.
An exquisite restaurant installed on the RESTAURANT LE PARADISIO
outskirts of the village, in the heart of Gros Anse-Michel beach
Raisins area. The name of this restaurant Cap-Chevalier
evokes an expression of the Costa Rica which SAINTE-ANNE
means «healthy life». This state of mind &05 96 76 92 87
reflects the atmosphere that the owners http: //www.le-paradisio.fr
wanted in their establishment: Zen and contact@le-paradisio.fr
healthy. Opened the every day from 10 am to 5.30 pm.
The decor is resolutely ethnic with objects Bill between E25 and E35. Closed Tuesday
found during trips: wood is omnipresent with from September to December except during
a large deck that opens onto a terrace with All Saints holidays. Better call for reservation.
a lounge area for a drink. The Paradisio remains an unmissable place in
As for the cuisine, the chef likes to combine the south. It is a restaurant along one of the
flavours and a mixed cuisine. Rigorous on most beautiful beaches of the south, the
quality products and cooking, he offers a perfect place to make a quiet break-lunch,
menu that changes according to the market: especially if you have children: outdoor games
paved bream with Thai curry, half-cooked are at their disposal.
tuna with sesame, sea urchins and seafood The setting and reception are pleasant. The
blaff ... On the other side we loved the lamb chef proposes a delicious mixed creole cuisine
and its plantin bananas or half-cooked (local products worked in the metropolitan
Rossini tuna. The chocolate fondant or the way). Try in particular their roasted tuna
tiramisu are delicious... Charming welcome, steack, crusty Scallops, fish fillet of the day
the cuisine in mouvment and the affordable sauce passion. The dishes are very hearty
prices make Pura Vida an example of a «anti- and are nicely presented. You can also buy
crisis» table. To discover with no more delay. take-away drinks. Private car park.GOURMET MARTINIQUE
Towards the North Caribbean coast - GOURMET MARTINIQUE 29
bar-restaurant feet in the water
TI PAYOT blackboard: among others, Scallop capellinis
Grande Anse and shrimp tails, the lambis crumble, the
1 allée des Raisiniers fois-gras creme brulee or the grilled prime
ANSES D’ARLET &05 96 69 07 38 rib. Also varied and appetizing daily specials,
Opened every day until 7pm. Catering facilities nicely served in beautiful dishes. For the
from 11: 30 to 4.30pm. Dishes from E10. fast lunches or dinners, salads, pizzas or
Average bill: E20. pancakes hold the star. The fresh fruit juices
This is one of our favourite places on the island. have anything to envy the ice creams. All
A bar – restaurant just next to the water, a the courses tasted on the spot can be taken
very friendly atmosphere, a splendid view of away (practical for our friendly boaters).
the sea and just a few steps to go swimming
VILLA CRÉOLE... Concerning the food, the chefs prepare
18 rue des Anthuriumstasty dishes. The menu changes every day
Anse-Mitan 97229 Trois-iletsand offers a mixture of Creole and French
TROIS-ÎLETScuisine. Fresh fish tartar is one of the great
&05 96 66 05 53specialties of the house. Fish, fritters plate,
www.lavillacreole.bizsmoked chicken, hearty salads, stewed conch
restaurantlavillacreole@gmail.comor chatrou, a daily special ... And after having
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 2: enjoyed your meal, you can opt for a nap on
30 pm and from 7 pm to 10: 30 pm. Friday a deckchair while sipping a fresh juice or
and Saturday open until 11 pm. Average bill reading a book under the hut. Free wifi. Note
E35 at E40. Restaurant Tickets and Holidays the Plongée Passion club and the Dolphin
voucher accepted.Passion boat in the cave of Ti Payot. It is one
Unmissable for 35 years, the villa creole is the of the most serious and friendly on the island.
restaurant not to miss. Housed in an authentic You can find them on www.facebook.com /
creole house with its terraces and patio, the plongeepassion.tipayot.
place is decidedly charming. The chef invites
TI’TOQUES you to taste excellent creole cuisine, based
Odysée building on local products, and traditional vegetables.
Marina Grilled lobster from the tank, carpaccio of
LE MARIN swordfish, steak of roasted lambis and its
&05 96 74 72 32 French fries of sweet potatoes, bluefin tuna
www.restaurant-titoques.fr tournedos and its sauce with shallot confit
Open every day, except Monday, non-stop in porto. You will also appreciate the range
service noon to midnight. Average bill E25. of cocktails. Everything without counting
Restaurant-brasserie, located at the corner of the highlight of your dinner: Guy, the owner,
the building (opposite the water sports club), accompanied by his guitar, animates your late
all in teak, as well as the bar, with undulated night with French or creole variety, rock, salsa,
forms like a wave. One unique large open zouk or the beguine. Smokers will enjoy the
terrace. Their strong points: rapidity and lounge that is especially dedicated to them.
taste! You will discover the menu on a large Parking next to the restaurant.30 GOURMET MARTINIQUE - Towards the North Caribbean coast
THE ZANDOLI The Atlantic coast
Route du Fort d’alet
&05 96 59 88 00 Domaine de La Prairie
www.la-suite-villa.com The cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa
Open every day from 7.30pm to 10pm. Bill FRANÇOIS &05 96 54 80 80
with wine around E60. Open only for dinner 7 days a week day.
A most charming restaurant nestled in the By reservation preferably. Annual closing in
beautiful setting of the Villa Suite: bright, September. Average bill E80. Full menu at
minimalist decor and chic, designer furniture... E75.
Idyllic setting facing Fort-de-France on the Belém is undoubtedly one of the jewels of
outdoor terrace by the pool that has been gastronomy of the island. From the room
extended this year. As for the cuisine, the with constant tones and clean lines, the view
arrival of the new chef Ivan Duchêne in plunges towards the sea by overlooking the
June 2014 insufflates a revival and a real Cap Est Lagoon. Among the dishes, a crusted
elevation. With a solid experience in the Fair tamarin monkfish tail and celery mousseline
establishments, passed by Saint-James at with sage and butter of citrus, saddle of stuffed
Bouliac, Emilie Restaurant in Jakarta to The rabbit with basil butter and pastilla. The trolley
Last Supper in Luxembourg or Indonesia, pastries puts an end to this culinary
expeIvan Duchêne embarked a new challenge rience, by far the most refined on the island.
while settling in Martinique. He got familiar Among the wines, a most sensational cellar,
with local products and develops a new model by its avant-garde architecture and its
network of suppliers. It offers a menu with collection of grand crus, right in the centre of
crossed flavours: blend in perfectly with the the dining room are worth a stop.
traditional values of french cuisine with Asian
LA TABLE DE MAMY NOUNOUand even caribbean touches... The starters
Hotel la Caravellecompete in originality: ceviche of marlin,
Route du Château-DubucBloody Mary flan, sea-urchin with peppers;
Anse l’Etang (at the edge of D2)the excellent tuna snacké satay sauce, or
TARTANE &05 96 58 07 32grilled snapper..
www.hotel-la-caravelle-martinique.comThe Master pastry chef meanwhile will amaze
hotelcaravelle@wanadoo.fryou with the most recommended lemon tart
Open every day from 12pm to 2pm and from (we still dream about it..). The lounge bar is
7pm to 9pm, except Tuesday. Annual closing an invitation to travel: cocktails with colours
in June and September. Average bill 30-40 E.with original starters. People come here for
La Table de Mamy Nounou is the restaurant a drink with friends, lovers or to meet artists
of La Caravelle hotel. The charming owners who come to share the time of an exhibition
welcome you in a beautiful fully renovated their passion with Gilles, sparkling owner of
setting. At lunchtime, you can enjoy your the place. An exceptional place not to miss
meal under the hut of the ventilated, panoramic during your stay in Martinique.
and quiet terrace facing the Atlantic. The
ZANZIBAR cuisine is inventive, refined and inspired by
11, boulevard Allègre the treasures of the country. In the evening,
Seafront you can have dinner on the veranda or in the
LE MARIN dining room, in an original setting, individually
&05 96 74 08 46 decorated with antique objects of the world.
www.restaurantzanzibar.com Hosted in the lounge, then invited to table, you
zanzibar972@orange.fr will enjoy a cuisine where French flavours are
Open every day from 12pm to 3pm and from combined to local products (terrine lambis,
7pm to 10pm and 10.30pm weekends. emulsion of sea urchins, saddle of bream with
This restaurant with a crossed charm abounds hibiscus juice, Grenadian of piglet and stewed
in refined dishes prepared with fresh quality pineapple with ginger... ), without
forgetingredients. There is no miraculous formula, ting the homemade desserts (the infusion
know-how and the love of work is enough. As of pineapple caramel with spices and its
for the decoration, it is cosy and comfortable in sorbets, the iced soufflé with the shrubb...).
which it is pleasant to settle for a cocktail, It is definitely a place blessed by the gods. An
lunch or diner. address to be consumed without... moderation.GOURMET MARTINIQUE
The Atlantic coast - GOURMET MARTINIQUE 31
Thalémont District, Pointe Thalémont
(on the road between Le François and Le
Robert) – FRANÇOIS
&05 96 38 07 77
Open every night of the week except Sunday
and friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
Formula table d’hôtes is offered with a full
menu excluding drinks 45 E, upon reservation
24: 00 in advance, at the Plein Soleil residence.
Service from 19: 30 am to 21: 30 pm.
If you wish to make a stop far from crowds,
think of reserving a table in Plein Soleil. It
is a haven which only the experts find... so
much the site is hidden at the end of a road.
Decoration marvelously simple, combining
the tonalities of white and light beige. Pools
gorged with fish (carps) insufflate freshness.
Opposite the sea, on a large terrace
ventilated by the trade winds, your table set, you
will be welcomed like friends.. Two menus
with thousands unceasingly renewed flavours
will be proposed to you with a choice between
fish or meat. For a few years this famous table
has not ceased progressing in quality. The
chef Nathanaël Ducteil cultivates a remarkable
creativity and combines the flavours crossed
with the fresh local products. An intimate one of the pillars of the traditional creole
address, impossible to circumvent but hush... cuisine. After dinner, enjoy the opportunity
don’t tell anybody... and why not? to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that
only towns that have kept their rural soul can TANTE ARLETTE
offer! Quite an experience in the heart of a 3, rue de Lucy de Fossarieu
lush nature, the refreshing rivers and black GRAND-RIVIÈRE &05 96 55 75 75
sandy beaches that offer this city of the end contact@tantearlette.com
of the island, Grand-Rivière!Open From tuesday to Sunday from 12: 30 am
to 3 pm closed On mondays. Lunch formulas
from E 16 to E 30.Credit card, Amex and
lunch and holidays cheques (ANCV) accepted,
no cheques.
Subtily revisit traditional cuisine is a real
know-how challenge! The table of Aunt
Arlette won this challenge and will delight
your tastebuds with acras of titiris (very small
fish of west indian water found at the mouth
of the small shallow rivers, specialities of
grand River), and its menu resolutely
orientated towards seafood! The specialty of the
establishment: «the pot of the fisherman»
bears an evocative name. Exquisite blend of
crayfish, lobsters, crabs and fish, this «pot»
is a «culinary dive! « in the aquatic diversity
that Grand Riviere offers: between sea and
river. On Sunday, it is to the sound of mazurka,
biguine and other local sounds that lunch is
served. Family restaurant, Tante Arlette, are